Walt Disney World’s Kilimanjaro Safari Closed After Giraffe Is Born at Animal Kingdom

Kilimanjaro safari closed

Effie Orfanides

Walt Disney World has welcomed a new giraffe to its growing animal family. Some folks visiting the Animal Kingdom theme park got a once-in-a-lifetime treat when they witnessed a giraffe give birth during a ride on the popular Kilimanjaro Safaris.

Safari Riders Got a First-Hand Look at a Giraffe Birth

Several people were fortunate enough to be riding in a safari truck when the mama giraffe went into labor. The trucks slowed so that people could take pictures. Many saw the calf’s legs sticking out of the mother giraffe. It is believed that the calf was born while there were people actively on the ride.

Generally, giraffe labor lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours once the calf’s legs emerge. Giraffes give birth while standing, and a newborn giraffe can stand within half an hour of being born. Within 10 hours, the calf will be able to run alongside his mom.

According to the Walt Disney World app, Kilimanjaro Safaris is currently closed. It’s unknown how long the ride will be unavailable for park guests.

Disney World Has Welcomed a Couple of Baby Giraffes in Recent Months

This is not the first time that a giraffe was born at Walt Disney World. Back in October, the theme park welcomed a female Masai giraffe calf. At the time, the Disney Parks Blog asked for the public’s help in naming the newborn. In December, Disney officially announced that the giraffe had been named Amira, which means “princess” in Swahili.

A few months earlier, Disney welcomed another female giraffe calf named Aella. When she was 2 months old, Disney allowed her to join the tower (the name given to a group of giraffes) and roam free on the savanna.

Disney park aficionados have enjoyed watching the baby giraffes grow over the past few months. When riding on a safari truck, it’s not at all uncommon to hear someone yell out, “a baby!” Safari lovers simply cannot get enough of these little guys!

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