‘Legacies’ Cast of Characters & Season 1 Spoilers


The CW/Guy D\'Alema "Legacies" picks back up tonight with its eighth episode called "Maybe I Should Start from the End."

Legacies, the latest show in the Vampire Diaries universe, returns to TV tonight to continue the back half of its 13-episode first season. The show is a spin-off of The Originals, and follows Hope Mikaelson’s life at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted.

Unlike its predecessor, Legacies (also brought to screens by showrunner Julie Plec) is made up of mostly new characters. To recap, the fifth and final season of The Originals took place seven years after the fourth season with Hope (Danielle Rose Russell), the tribrid daughter of Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), now a teenager. Hayley died midway through the final season and Klaus died in the show’s series finale; Hope’s arc now continues in Legacies as she takes center stage as the main character.

Here’s who you can expect to see when Legacies returns tonight, along with spoilers for the rest of the season.

Legacies Cast of Characters

Danielle Rose Russell plays Hope Mikaelson, a 17-year-old orphan and student at the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted who’s descended from some of the most powerful vampire, werewolf, and witch bloodlines. The character was first introduced on The Originals. Aside from the Vampire ‘verse, Russell is also known for movies like Aloha and Wonder.

Aria Shahghasemi stars as Landon Kirby, Rafael’s foster brother and an old acquaintance of Hope who has a thing her. Though he was initially thought to be a human, he’s been suspected of being some kind of supernatural being.

Kaylee Bryant and Jenny Boyd (Josie and Lizzie Saltzman, respectfully) play the 15-year-old twin daughters of Alaric. Both sisters are members of the Gemini Coven thanks to the legacy of their mother, Jo.

Matt Davis plays Alaric Saltzman, the human headmaster of the Salvatore School. The character (along with his daughters) was first introduced on The Vampire Diaries. “He’s taking on a new set of responsibilities. He genuinely is coming from a place of love,” Matt Davis told TV Guide about his character. “He’s somewhere between Professor X and Dumbledore.”

Quincy Fouse plays Milton “M. G.” Greasley, a good-natured vampire who works as Alaric’s student aide. He’s often very friendly with the Saltzman twins.

Peyton Alex Smith is Rafael Waithe, a recently triggered werewolf and Landon’s foster brother. After suffering an abusive childhood in the foster system, he becomes a student at the Salvatore School.

Legacies Season 1 Spoilers

When last we saw Landon, he stole a kiss from Hope before hopping a bus to New Orleans to track down his birth mother. According to the network, Landon’s past is coming back to haunt him. After discovering that Landon (Shahghasemi) is in trouble, Hope (Russell) and Alaric (Davis) set out to find him. Along the way, they uncover some startling information about his past.

According to Plec, the show has some big things planned for its 2019 episodes.

“We’ve got a big nightmare episode, we’ve got a talent show, and we may or may not see a merman in action,” she said. “We can look forward to some big, huge mythology bomb drops, [and] big shake-ups.”

The eighth episode of the show’s inaugural season is called “Maybe I Should Start from the End.” It airs tonight, January 24, at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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