Who Is Lizzie Kommes’ Daughter Jazmyne on ‘Love After Lockup’ Season 2?

Jazmyne Kommes

Youtube / WEtv Lizzie Kommes' daughter, Jazmyne, on 'Love After Lockup.'

On WEtv’s Love After Lockup season 2, after Lizzie is released, she and Scott find a home and try to start a blended family together with their children. Within this storyline, Lizzie’s daughter, Jazmyne, is introduced to the show as she both seeks to reconnect with her mom and serves as a voice of reason regarding the pieces in play in Lizzie and Scott’s relationship.

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The most insight the show has provided about Jazmyne happens during her interviews. In one clip, as she prepares for her mom’s release from prison, she says “I haven’t seen my mom in 10 years. When I was 8 years old, my grandma and grandpa told her that she was too much into drugs. I would say she, like, left me for a different life. Sometimes I get upset that she has been in prison because I still feel like it’s my fault that she’s there. I don’t think she was ready for a child. And maybe if I wasn’t born, then maybe she wouldn’t be there right now.” She added, “but I’m excited for when she gets out so we can actually be like a mom and a daughter.” Soap Dirt points out that this is a “very sad moment” for the show, as she suggests that she’s to blame for her mom’s record.

In an ABC News story from 2008, it is revealed that before the arrest that landed her in jail, Kommes “was convicted of drunken driving in Wisconsin in 2000, 2001, and 2006, and then again in Michigan in 2007. Her driver’s license was revoked in 2006, according to the complaint.” This means Jazmyne would have been about 2 years old at the time of Kommes’ first conviction.

Scott's Given Lizzie Over $90k! | Love After Lockup | WE tvWhen Lizzie’s daughter, Jazmyne, finds out that Scott has given her mother over $90k while in prison, she questions the relationship’s authenticity. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below! Catch Love After Lockup Fridays at 9/8C! #LoveAfterLockup Subscribe to the #WEtv channel for more clips: goo.gl/1CiBkL Like on Facebook: facebook.com/WEtv Follow…2018-12-07T22:59:18.000Z

In her interactions with Lizzie and Scott and observations of their relationship, she seems to be the only one aware of the red flags, especially in the way money is being handled. Jazmyne asks Scott “How much money have you already spent on my mom?” When he reveals the number is, after 3 years, “over $90,000,” the camera cuts in on Jazmyne’s shocked face and she asks “are you serious?” Scott tries to defend that she might have saved some of it, but Jazmyne shuts that down and asks what she was spending it on (“mostly drugs” was the answer).

Jazmyne, whose Facebook page reveals she is 20 years old, is the one pointing out the apparent falsity of their relationship throughout this season of the show, as well as the problematic nature of Scott knowingly giving Lizzie drug money. “This relationship is fake. It’s the fakest thing I’ve ever seen. If there’s a guy involved and he has lots of money, money is her weakness.” When she finds out Scott is knowingly paying for her mom’s drug problem, she tells the camera “That’s not what you do if you love someone. I will do whatever it takes to take Scott out of the picture.” In a family photo on her Facebook page from this past Thanksgiving, Scott is noticeably absent. While Scott has not recently been featured on Lizzie’s Instagram page, she does regularly post photos and videos with Jazmyne.

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Assuming that the Facebook page, which features personal photos of Jazmyne and posts about the show, is actually Jazmyne’s, she currently lives in Michigan with her boyfriend, Kenny Spanos; in many of their photos together there is also a little girl, suggesting that they might have a child together. The little girl, however, has not been referred to by either party as their daughter, so it is more likely that she is the child of a relative or friend.

The description for tonight’s new episode, “Secrets and Cellmates,” reads “Michael juggles his wife and girlfriend; Lizzie gives Scott a makeover; Clint proposes.”

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