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The season 2 premiere of Love & Hip Hop:Miami saw some of the cast members hinting at the fact that Prince might be gay. Prince, 28, has dealt with rumors about his sexuality in the past, and it remains to be seen whether these rumors will persist throughout the season.

Prince, the show’s self-professed nightlife guru, works for marketing group Varsity LG. He is often seen in the company of beautiful women during the show. Prince says that the rumors are largely attributed to his voice and the way he presents himself, but that he is not actually gay. “It’s the tone of my voice,” he told “I knew that was going to happen. I knew Black Twitter was going to roast me… It’s a stigma I’ve been dealing with my whole life. I’m not really worried about it.”

Prince Has Stated That He Is Not Gay & Is Only Characterized As Such Because of the Way He Talks & Dresses

He insists that there is no lack of women in his personal life, however. “If they knew the level of women that I deal with their mind would be blown,” he said. In a separate interview with The Grio, Prince discussed what it was like dealing with bullying at a young age. “I have been dealing with people calling me gay since I was in the fourth grade because of things I can’t control,” he revealed. “It sucks. It does break you down. I don’t cry about it but it does hurt. I hate it.”

“I have to deal with people calling me gay every day,” he added. “It’s not because I have been with another man or because they have seen photos of me with men. It’s my mannerisms. It’s how I dress because I dress very well. It’s because I enunciate and articulate my words. It’s dumb. These are ignorant remarks.”

Prince Has Said That He’s Dealt With Gay Rumors Since He Was In the 4th Grade

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Prince also weighed in on his friendships with openly gay cast members Bobby Lytes, Malik Williams, and Jeffrey “JT” White, and some of the racier aspects of the series. “Well, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood had some type of homosexual storyline,” he explained. “I’m really good friends with Bobby. That’s my homie. It doesn’t make me cringe but I will say this, it is very strong, even for me. I was surprised by how raunchy it gets.”

“At the same time, they show heterosexuals doing it,” he countered. “Why can’t they do the same? It’s just a shocker. I don’t know if you saw the clip with Malik where they’re making out but that kind of made me go, ‘Wow. That was a lot to take in.’ At the same time we’re in 2018. You just got to respect it.”

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