Makeup Junkie Bags on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Makeup Bag

Makeup Junkie on Shark Tank, What is Makeup Junkie on Shark Tank


Tonight, Makeup Junkie will appear on Shark Tank. 

The product is a lay-flat bag for cosmetics storage. It was created by Meredith Jurica, who designed and created the bag after failing to find a makeup bag catered to her needs. 

In a recent interview with KII TV about her appearance on Shark Tank, Jurica said, “Standing in front of these amazing business people, these sharks and reality kind of hits you. I’m here I’m doing this,” she said. 

Jurica ran her business for two years before deciding to apply to the show. She tells KII TV, “Lay flat makeup bag to basically hold modern-day cosmetics, palettes, brushes, and all things you see now in makeup aisle, there was no cosmetic bag that was keeping up with what we were seeing cosmetics doing.”

The outlet reports that in the first month of creating a Facebook page for Makeup Junkie, Jurika received 700 orders. Today, the company has over 70 employees and the product is sold in over 1300 stores nationwide. 

In 2018, the bag was named one of USA Today’s Top 10 Best Travel Bags. 

Makeup Junkie Bags run for $32 at the smallest size on the product’s website. The medium and large sizes are sold for $42 and $48, respectively. You can also purchase tote bags on the site for $142. 

Another useful product feature is that the bags can be washed in cold water after simply removing the tassel. 

According to All Shark Tank Products, Meredith has her bachelors and master’s in speech pathology. After she created Makeup Junkies, she was robbed of her designs. Text on her website was even pirated. Now, Meredith has a design patent on her bag. The outlet writes, “She persevered, and her bags brought in $1 million the first year, won the “People’s Choice Award of 2017” at Junior League Market and was featured in USA Today as one of the “Top 10 Travel Bags of 2017.”

Asked by Voyage Houston if the world of entrepreneurship has been easy to navigate, Jurica says, “Having no background in business (I have a bachelors and Masters degree in speech pathology that’s what I did before this). I definitely had some expensive tuition in the school of hard knocks trying to teach myself how to run and operate my own manufacturing company. I’ve been swindled, I’ve been stolen from and have made many mistakes. They have made me stronger and much wiser and I’m grateful for that.”

She goes on to tell the outlet that the bags have a lifetime warranty because they’re high-quality and durable. On top of that, Jurica makes sure to give back to the community. She tells Voyage Houston, “Last year I donated more than I actually took home. When God gives you a million dollar business out of the clear blue sky it’s like I never want a day to go by where he doesn’t know how much I appreciate all the blessings.”

Will Jurica score a deal with one of the sharks? Be sure to tune into Shark Tank on ABC at 9pm ET/PT.

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