Two Couples Got Engaged During ‘The Bachelor’ Premiere: Man Proposes to Girlfriend Live

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During the live pre-show hour of the 3-hour The Bachelor season 3 premiere, a man named Chris in Park City, Utah, proposed to his girlfriend in front of a crowd of Bachelor fans and millions of viewers at home. Engaged Bachelor couple Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon were hosting the Park City viewing party when the moment happened. Later in the night, a second live proposal happened at another viewing party

Chris Harrison was hosting his own live coverage when he announced to viewers that he had just gotten word that something was going down over at the Park City party. The feed cut over to Park City, Utah, where a man they identified as Chris (unknown to the Bachelor fandom) was front and center. As he spoke to his girlfriend while the cameras fixed on them and everyone in the crowded watch, he revealed that they are big fans of the show’s franchise and that they first said “I love you” after watching an episode together. Fans, as well as his girlfriend, quickly realized that what he was saying was part of a marriage proposal; when he asked her to marry him, she said yes.

Halfway through the 3-hour premiere night, a second proposal got engaged. During an interview about their relationship with the reality show, a man turned to his girlfriend, who is pregnant with their first child, and asked her to marry him; she said yes. Although that proposal (as well as the first) was meant to be a surprise for viewers, Chris Harrison seemed to know it was coming. As the feed cut back to the viewing party he was hosting, Harrison noted that the engagement ring looked like a “Neil Lane sparkler.” Neil Lane, who designs the engagement rings for the show’s finale proposals, was planted in the audience and confirmed that the ring was one of his designs.

Fans of the show, who were already less than enthusiastic about the pre-show addition to the premiere, took to Twitter to offer mixed reviews about the proposal. Emma Gray, a reporter for Huffington Post, wrote “Me: The only thing that could make this worse right now is a live engagement. #TheBachelor: Hold my beer.” Comedian Jared Freid wrote “They got engaged at #TheBachelor viewing party” will be sent to a million group chats with the crying laughing face emoji tonight,” referring to the massive viewership the show’s premiere was getting when the proposal happened.

Another user joked that she doesn’t watch The Bachelor to “see normal people get ENGAGED THATS WHAT FACEBOOK IS FOR IM DONE.”

The Bachelor‘s Twitter account gave a subtle nod to the engagement.

After the second proposal, Twitter delivered with snarky comments and gifs yet again.

This isn’t the first time a surprise proposal has happened on the show. After the finale of last season of The Bachelor, the dramatic “After the Final Rose” revealed that Arie Luyendyk Jr. changed his mind after proposing to Becca and called off the relationship to continue to pursue a relationship with the runner-up, Lauren. Then, Luyendyk surprised viewers by proposing to Lauren live.

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