Married At First Sight’s Luke and Kate Are NOT Divorced … Yet

Luke and Kate Married At First Sight

Lifetime Pictured: Luke and Kate

Married at First Sight‘s Luke Cuccurullo and Kate Sisk have not split up … not yet anyways. The couple didn’t connect immediately when they first met, and the awkwardness didn’t abate on their honeymoon, with Luke dropping the bombshell that he wasn’t attracted to his wife while they were meant to be celebrating their marriage.

Despite the heartbreaking revelation to Kate that Luke was “repulsed” and felt “dead inside” when he kissed her, the two are still together for the time being. If they did divorce or separate, there has been no announcement about it, and the two have kept it away from the media. Social media doesn’t provide many clues about Luke and Kate’s lives post-show either, since both of their Instagram accounts have been set to private and neither appears to have Twitter.

However, after announcing the lack of attraction he has to his stranger wife, it doesn’t look like the couple will be together for very long. Kate mentioned on Tuesday’s Unfiltered aftershow that she felt slightly ashamed that her husband wasn’t attracted to her, saying that it sucks to be the “unattractive one in a relationship.”

“It just sucks that, you know, I’m the unattractive one in the relationship,” she said. “Well, that he’s not attracted to me in the relationship.”

She also added that she wished it were the other way around, and that she didn’t find him attractive. “I know it sounds weird, but yes, I would prefer if I wasn’t attracted to him because I feel like I have a lot of confidence that if I wasn’t attracted to him, I could grow to be attracted to him,” Kate said. “I know I can do that, so I would have preferred if, at first, it was the other way around.”

Because Luke broke down crying after he revealed his feelings to Kate, Pastor Cal wondered if Luke was trying to be manipulative. “What irks me is that [Luke] told you that and then because he was emotional about it, you didn’t have time to process and absorb how that affected you because you were concerned about him crying,” Pastor Cal said.

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Despite Luke not being attracted to Kate, she doesn’t experts made a mistake by matching them, according to Newsweek. “I can see why they picked him for me,” Kate told the publication. “I don’t like to think I stick to a type, but I’ve been told dark hair and a beard is it. The fear of not being attracted to my stranger husband has been squashed.”

She also told Newsweek that she feels they two were a good match because they both put family first, and they share the same values. “I think if Luke was as honest as I was in my interview process, I trust that the experts didn’t make a mistake — because so far, Luke checks off every box I asked for in a husband,” she said.

However, curious viewers are going to have to wait until the finale to see if Kate and Luke stayed together, because they haven’t revealed anything definitive as of yet.

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