‘The Masked Singer’ Lion Guesses Debunked

The Masked Singer Lion Revealed


Has the Lion been revealed on The Masked Singer yet? For weeks, many viewers have been steered in the direction of Rumer Willis for the identity of the Lion, but Willis recently denied her involvement in the show to the media. Granted, she could be lying, in order to stay true to her contract … Or, she could be telling the truth.

In an interview with People, Willis said that she is not the lion and she also said that once the Lion appeared on the show, “All of a sudden when it started airing, I started getting all of these things in my Twitter feed and I said, ‘Oh, okay. Well, maybe I have to watch this and see what’s happening. It’s pretty cool.”

So, let’s say the Lion is not Rumer Willis, even though the clues so far definitely point to her. Who else could it be? Well, Willis has two adult sisters – Scout and Tallulah Belle. Since they are Willis’ sisters, they could definitely have similar singing voices and they’ve each had their moments in the public eye. Recently, Tallulah has appeared on Catfish as a co-host, opposite Nev Schulman. And then there was that time that Scout went topless in New York City, in support of the Free The Nipple campaign, in 2015, as reported by Gawker.

“The Masked Singer” Lion Clues

As part of the Lion’s clues, she was designated as “Hollywood royalty”. And now, she is stepping away from “her pride”, which includes a lot of women. The Willis family is made up of a lot of women, except for Bruce Willis, of course. At the end of one of the video packages for the Lion, the Lion was shown holding a newspaper that had the word “Hailey” on it. One of the judges then said, “Hailey, Idaho?” For those who don’t know, Bruce Willis and his family a home in Hailey, Idaho and his kids were often living in the state.

Then again, there are other celebrities who have homes near Hailey, Idaho, according to the Idaho Statesman. Clint Eastwood, Tom Hanks and Arnold Schwarzenegger have all owned property in the area.

“The Masked Singer” Lion Guesses

For those who don’t think that the Lion could be a part of the Willis family, who could she be?

According to YourTango, some of the show’s fans have other theories on who the singer could be, though Willis has been one of the most popular guesses. Kendall Jenner, Paris Jackson, and Katy Perry have been some of the guesses being thrown around, but we’re not really on board with the Jenner and Perry guesses. Jackson is always a possibility. TV Insider reported that Tracee Ellis Ross has been another guess.

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