‘The Masked Singer’ 1/30/19 Spoilers – Who Was Voted Off?

On tonight’s episode of The Masked Singer, the first group of celebrity singers returned to the stage to perform both individually and as a group.

At the end of the night, we had to say goodbye to one masked singer: the unicorn. Under the mask was celebrity Tori Spelling.

Spelling is an actress, TV personality, and author. She is best known for playing the role of Donna Martin on Beverly Hills, 90210, which was produced by her father, Aaron Spelling. Tori has appeared n a number of films, including House of Yes, Trick, Cthulhu, and Kiss the Bride.

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The four animals came together at the top of the show to sing “On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons. The energy-filled performance had everyone on their feet and the judges praised their performance.

First to take the stage for their solo performance was the rabbit. Some clues for the rabbit are that he bounces here, hops there, and then is gone. He disappeared in his intro video, making Nicole think that he’s a magician.

The rabbit sang “Poison” and had a whole choreographed dance that impressed the judges. Jenny McCarthy screamed “What!?” after the performance, while Nicole hailed him her “favorite performer in the entire show.” What item did the rabbit bring? A magician kit. Whoever the celeb is, he’s quite confident that the judges couldn’t be further from knowing his identity.

VideoVideo related to ‘the masked singer’ 1/30/19 spoilers – who was voted off?2019-01-30T21:56:24-05:00

The next singer of the night was the unicorn. During the intro video, we learned a bit more about who she is; she shared that she was terrified to perform in front of people at first. She went on to admit that she has struggled with low self-esteem, and now, she can use her voice with the confidence she always dreamed of having. She also threw the word ‘cartwheel’ in there and added that she’s proud of the “hills” where she comes from. The judge’s noted that she feels more confident in her singing, with Ken adding, “This is the happiest I’ve seen you perform, and I haven’t even seen your face.” For her revealing item, the unicorn brought a typewriter.

And what about the alien? We know the alien grew up in a famous family and has spent her entire life under a “microscope.” The alien sang “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, and the performance had the crowd chanting her name.

All the judges said that the alien’s performance threw them off tonight. When it was time to bring out her own item, the alien shared a police badge. This, naturally, threw the judges for more of a loop. Nicole guessed La Toya Jackson and could have hit the nail on the head with that guess.

Lastly, the lion sang “California’ Dreamin”. Nicole admitted, this go around, that she’s definitely a singer, which Ken responded to by saying, “I told you!”. Jenny McCarthy called the performance “unbelievable”. For her revealing item, the lion brought a scrunchie, which she said was a family heirloom.


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