Why Isn’t Matt Letscher on ‘The Flash’ & Why Does the Reverse Flash Looks Like Wells?

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Fans are excited to have Reverse Flash back — he was indeed Barry Allen’s greatest adversary. However, they have mixed feelings about Matt Lescher not returning, while Tom Cavanaugh plays Reverse Flash instead. Fans aren’t quite sure how that fits in the timeline (although “Speed Force” is an easy answer to that), and although they love Cavanaugh, they’re sad that Letscher isn’t around. Read on to find out what we know so far about why Letscher isn’t on and the top theories about why Nora is conspiring with a Reverse Flash who looks like Wells.

The Crisis on Earth-X brought up the idea of Eobard Thawne still looking like Wells. It may be this Eobard who is appearing in Season 5. In an interview with showrunner Todd Helbing, TVLine asked if they were sticking with Cavanaugh-as-Thawne because it was more practical. Helbing said, “No, we love Matt — he’s fantastic as Reverse-Flash, too. But it’s funny, if you plot out the Thawne timeline — I think there’s a version of this online somewhere — it makes more sense, logically, in a weird, time-travel way, that this is the Thawne that we see.”

Letscher’s not being on the show could also be due to scheduling conflicts. He’s currently playing a big role on Narcos: Mexico, where he portrays James Kuykendall. He’s been in 10 episodes of the show so far, where he portrayed a DEA agent. Narcos is a very popular show on Netflix, so this is great opportunity for Letscher. To prepare for the role, Letscher told People that he visited the real-life Kukyendall in Laredo, Texas. Letscher said he was a fan of the show’s earlier seasons before he was given a chance to join the cast. Here’s a picture of Letscher on the show:

Fans are still, however, trying to figure out how Wellsobard (aka Eobard-looking-like-Wells) fits in the current timeline. You can read one discussion on Reddit about it here. Thawne originally posed as Wells when he went back in time to kill Barry’s mom and then took on Wells’ appearance after killing the original Wells on Barry’s Earth. At that point, he couldn’t travel in time anymore until he could use Barry-as-the-Flash to help him. Wellsobard was erased at the end of Season 1 when Eddie Thawne killed himself so Eobard would not be born.

If you recall, Barry encountered Eobard again when he traveled back in time and created Flashpoint, stopping Eobard from killing his mom and keeping Eobard trapped in a prison. The Eobard in that storyline looked like Eobard, not Wells. He eventually had to release Eobard and let him kill his mom after all, restoring the timeline. As a result of these actions, that Eobard was able to exist as a time remnant. But because he was a paradox and should have been erased due to Eddie’s suicide, he was pursued by the Black Flash, who was trying to restore the ruptured timeline. (His fate was revealed in Legends of Tomorrow, which we won’t share here. But suffice to say, that is not the Eobard we’re encountering now.)

Later, in the Crisis on Earth-X crossover, Eobard-as-Wells appears again.  (Spoilers for that crossover will follow.)

It’s never explained where he came from, but another Wellsobard lived and joined the New Reich in the crossover event. At one point, he brags to the Flash about how he’s still alive despite having died so many other times. Later in the crossover event, he faces Barry in a battlefield in this alternate timeline, and Barry refuses to kill him. So he races away, his fate not known.

It’s believed that it is this Eobard (aka Wellsobard) who is now imprisoned at Iron Heights and is meeting with Nora.

As to where he came from originally, we don’t know. Fans have speculated that he might originate from one of the times Barry visited Wellsobard since Season 1 and told Wellsobard that his plan was going to fail.

Or perhaps Nora’s timeline in the future is from one where Eddie didn’t kill himself.

Others have suggested that perhaps Wellsobard discovered how to make a time remnant of himself, and that is the person that Nora is speaking with. Others fans have theorized that perhaps Wellsobard became a paradox himself and there’s no way to truly “kill” him off in the future.

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