Natalie Eva Marie, Celebrity Big Brother: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Natalie Eva Marie, Celebrity Big Brother

Getty Natalie Eva Marie, former star of Total Divas and professional WWE wrestling champion, will be featured on the second season of Celebrity Big Brother.

Natalie Eva Marie, star of Total Divas and former professional WWE wrestling champion, will be featured on the second season of Celebrity Big Brother. Almost the entire cast of CBB has some connection to reality TV, and Marie is no exception. Marie is “in it to win it” when it comes to taking home the grand prize of $250,000.

“I think I’m going to win Big Brother because not only can I handle the physicality of the challenges, but I’m mentally tough, and I’m ready to play the game, and I’m competitive at heart, so I’m gonna stay in it to win it,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

Here’s what you need to know about Marie:

1. She Happened Across The Casting Call For WWE By Chance & Applied, Where She Quickly Rose Through The Ranks & Was Offered a Spot on Total Divas

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Marie is a former professional wrestler for WWE. She got her start in the industry when she randomly saw a casting call for WWE in 2013, according to ESPN. She quickly impressed the company’s talent scouts and earned a four-week tryout before being offered a developmental contract to WWE’s training center in Orlando. She decided to use her middle name – Eva Marie – as her professional wrestling name.

Less than 48 hours later, she was told she had been cast on Total Divas, a new reality show about women in the WWE. It was a “whirlwind experience,” which she says, “changed [her] life immediately.”

“I’m a perfectionist, so I would have liked to have trained more first. However, I truly think opportunities come up once in a lifetime and if you don’t take it, you’re going to miss out.”

2. Marie Plans to Win Celebrity Big Brother  & Believes Her Experience With Total Divas Helped Prepare Her for CBB

Marie is heading into CBB with only one goal: to win. She told Entertainment Weekly that she feels like Total Divas prepared her for the opportunity to star on CBB, and she has every intention of bringing home that $250K.

“Being on Total Divas definitely prepared me,” says Eva Marie. “Because when you’re on a reality show, you’re used to cameras following you. However, the big difference with Big Brother is they do not turn off. So that’s going to be something where it will be very different for me because it’s 24-7. Even just being conscious of the fact that I can’t step out of the shower to grab a towel. Like, something little, minor like that is a big deal and to really be kind of cognizant of those types of actions that you would normally take for granted at home. And that was the difference with Total Divas — you could turn off the camera for second and take a break. There are no breaks in Big Brother.”

Marie also told EW that she is looking forward to the cameras disproving the misconception that “maybe I won’t be able to handle being in the house for that long or that I need a glam squad or that I need extra little things to make my stay more comfortable or else I’m going to quit.”

3. She Parted Ways With WWE Shortly After Testing Positive For The Prescription Drug Aderall to Focus on Other Projects

Marie left WWE in 2017, shortly after she was suspended for testing positive for the prescription drug Aderall. Although she had a prescription for the drug, she didn’t submit the paperwork in time for WWE’s deadline, according to Metro. She only received a 30 day suspension for violating the company’s wellness policy, but she subsequently began taking on other projects and slowly moving away from wrestling following her suspension.

In August 2017, she announced on Twitter that she was parting ways WWE, following the announcement that she wouldn’t be appearing on the seventh season of Total Divas.

“Today I’m saying a bittersweet goodbye to @WWE,” she wrote on Twitter. “Thanks to the entire team, and YOU, my fans, for these 4 years!”

4. Marie’s Gimmick With WWE Was Originally “All Red Everything” Which Inspired Her Trademark Bright Red Hair

Eva Marie vs. Cassie: WWE NXT, July 22, 2015Eva Marie makes her long awaited return to the ring in NXT. How will the “Total Divas” star fare? Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network. More ACTION on WWE NETWORK :

After quickly rising to fame with Total Divas, she started working as a valet for her co-stars The Bella Twins, but soon began to compete in her own matches including an appearance at Wrestlemania 30 as part of the Vickie Guerrero Invitational match for the WWE Divas Championship.

Marie’s trademark bright red hair started when she began wrestling. According to Metro, she had dyed her hair to fit in with her “all red everything” character. When she returned after her suspension she changed her gimmick to “all black everything” and dyed her hair black.

An injury and other setbacks saw Eva dissapear from TV towards the end of 2014 and she then started training with wrestler Brian Kendrick to improve of skills in the ring.

5. She Told ET Canada That Taking The Role on CBB Was An “Easy Decision” Because She Likes “Doing Anything That is Outside The Box”

And in an interview with ET Canada, Natalie opened up about what inspired herto join CBB this season. When her manager called her with the offer to appear on the show, Natalie told ET Canada that saying yes was an “easy decision.” She explained: “I love doing anything that is outside the box, and something new, and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

She also shared her main takeaway from last season of Celebrity Big Brother, which she learned from actress Shannon Elizabeth’s mistakes, according to Romper. “She knew the game so good, and she was a beast competitor, which I absolutely admire and respect,” Natalie told the ET Canada host. However, she came out the gate guns a blazing, way too fast. I mean, she showed her true cards … which immediately put a massive target on her back, so … I’m taking a little bit of note from that for my game this season. Lay low, chill.”

Marie added that she’s going to try to repress her very competitive nature and not stand out too much, in hopes that staying mostly neutral will help her win.

The premiere episode of the show airs from 8-9 p.m. ET/PT and 7-8 p.m. CT. Check out the full schedule of the show here.

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