Panos Spentzos on ‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club:’ Who Is Lindsay’s Business Partner?

Panos Spentzos

Getty Panos at MTV's "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" Premiere Party.

Lindsay Lohan’s new reality television show, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, is currently airing its first season on MTV. In addition to the actress-turned-entrepreneur and her VIP American employees, the show stars Lohan’s business partner, Panos Spentzos.

In MTV’s bio of Panos, they write “Panos, Lindsay’s creative director and partner of Lohan Beach House, is the eyes and ears of her empire and her staff. He runs the day-to-day operations of the club and makes sure it’s running up to Lindsay’s standards. He keeps the staff in check and has absolutely no problem laying down the law with the employees. He is the first to tell the staff to leave their drama at the door and focus on the priority: Sell, sell, sell. With impeccable style and an eccentric manner, Panos is a cutthroat businessman who doesn’t let emotions get in the way of the bottom line.”

To introduce Spentzos in the show’s promo, Lohan says “Panos is not my right-hand man, he’s my left-hand man. I’m the right hand.” While she made it immediately known that she is the boss, Panos is given a lot of responsibility at the Lohan Beach House, especially when it comes to handling the drama. Lohan describes herself as nurturing and nice, the opposite of her partner’s “cutthroat” and “tough” nature. The balance between their two personalities is well-suited for a business partnership and, more importantly for MTV, a reality television show.

Though it is apparent that the duo’s relationship is solid both professionally and personally (Spentzos’ Instagram is full of fabulous posed photos and selfies with Lohan), he admitted on the show that when they first met, they didn’t get along: “Me and Lindsay at the beginning didn’t connect at all. She was very diva-ish.” The two seemed to build a friendship off of their interest and experience with clubs, and after coming up with the idea of starting they’re own under her name, he says they were able to push aside their differences. Now, Panos says Lindsay is “part of [his] family.”

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I know almost everything?

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In his Instagram bio, Panos, who is from Greece, writes that he is the “boss” of LOHAN VIP Clubs & Restaurants (there are three locations, in Mykonos, Athens, and Rhodes). Although he Lindsay’s partner now, he is not the man with whom she originally started opening her namesake clubs. According to blog posts on the Lohan Athens and Lohan Mykonos websites, she originally opened and co-owned her Athens club with her former business partner Dennis Papageorgiou in 2016. With the opening of the Mykonos LOHAN location, Vanity Fair revealed that Papageorgiou is no longer affiliated and that the Mykonos location was “opened with Greek investors who would like to remain nameless.”

Spentzos took a years-long hiatus from Twitter, returning with the premiere of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club to promote it. A look at his 2012 tweets shows that he’s had a love for Mykonos, beaches, and the finer things in life for years. His tweets also show his early interest in reality TV; he once tweeted “Tanning, drinking drys and watching the real housewives of Vancouver through my i-pad…I love these phonnies!”

Watch Panos on MTV on Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, Tuesdays at 8/7 CT.

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