Phor of ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Cheated On His GF Nikki

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Black Ink Crew: Chicago returns tonight on VH1. Among the storylines that the season five premiere will deliver, the biggest will be the fallout of Phor and Nikki’s relationship. Phor was caught sending nude videos of himself to another woman last season, which led to their break up.

During the season four finale, Nikki confronted Phor about sending nude photos from his phone. “Do you see this? I don’t know who’s the woman that he sent it to,” Nikki said in her confessional. “A little birdie through the grapevine sent the video to me and [that’s] how he got caught.”

Phor Got Caught Sending Nude Videos to Another Woman In the Season 4 Finale

Initially, Phor acted like he didn’t know what she was talking about, and after that, he tried to pass off the photos as part of a secret threesome that he was arranging as a surprise for Nikki. She didn’t buy the excuse, and eventually, the truth came out that Phor was talking to someone else behind Nikki’s back. While the season ended with them still together, Phor confirmed that they broke up shortly after shooting had wrapped.

Phor responded to a fan’s comment regarding his single status on Instagram. “I defo feel like and Nikki have broken up and I’m heartbroken.” The reality TV star shot back: “We r.” Despite the fact that Phor and Nikki broke up offscreen, fans of Black Ink Crew: Chicago will get a chance to see how everything went down with their relationship during the upcoming season.

Phor & Nikki Broke Up Offscreen But Season 5 Will Show Fans How It Went Down Between Them

Phor isn’t the only member of the Brumfield family who will be having to deal with the aftermath of an affair. His brother Don will aim to repair his marriage to Ashley Pickens after cheating on multiple occasions. Last season he fought to win her back after he was seen on Snapchat getting oral sex from another woman named Ta’Shay.

To make matters worse, Ta’Shay later claimed to be pregnant with Don’s child. The scandal caused his wife to pack up and take their infant son Ashdon to Texas to receive the support of her family. Their oldest son, DJ, still lives in Chicago with Don. The couple reconciled between seasons, according to Dom’s Instagram, and they even spent New Year’s Eve celebrating together.

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