AGT: Who Is Opera Singer Prince Poppycock?

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Prince Poppycock is  musical theater and opera performer. Poppycock, self-described as a “roguish operatic dandy”, rose to fame in 2010 when he appeared on the fifth season of America’s Got Talent and would up finishing in fourth place. Given that Poppycock is back for America’s Got Talent: Champions, however, some may be wondering who the man under the mask is.

Poppycock’s real name is John Andrew Quale. Born, Quale began singing at an early age and developed a fascination for a wide range of music. According to his official website, Quale was inspired to become a performer by artists like David Bowie, Depeche Mode, The Smiths, and Gilbert and Sullivan.” In college, he was lead singer and songwriter for the synth pop band Endora. After the band broke up, Quale moved to Los Angeles, where he recorded and released his debut solo debut album, Worldview.

Poppycock Was Created By LA Singer & Songwriter John Andrew Quale

Quale created the character of Prince Poppycock in 2006. In his own words, Quale’s character combined his favorite elements of glam rock, light opera, synth pop, as well as Western art music. Poppycock gained exposure to a mass audience when he appeared on America’s Got Talent, and his success with the judges has enabled him to cultivate a larger fanbase.

“My father was unfortunately unable to see me on television which was difficult for me but I know in spirit he was there every step of the way,” he admitted. “My Mother couldn’t have been more proud, and was able to be part of the studio audience and caught on camera.”

Quale Said That Prince Poppycock Was Inspired By His Love of Opera, Depeche Mode & David Bowie

In an interview with Eqaulity 365, Quale revealed how he came up with the name of Prince Poppycock for his alter ego. “I was very interested in French existentialism in my 20’s. One of the things I found so appealing about it was that rather than trying to find meaning of life, it essentially declares life to be absurd,” he explained. “I found this to be very freeing, and I wanted my stage name to reflect this. Fun fact, most people think that the derivation for Poppycock is English; however it is in actually Dutch. It was originally spelled poppekak and it means doll excrement.”

As for what he considers himself to be, a singer or a performer, Quale said that he prefers the term “artist” above all others. “I tend to prefer the word Artist,” he remarked. “The world will always need more art and more love, especially in times like this. I think artistry is essentially a human trait, however it seems to being removed from the human genome, along with empathy. The drag community has always been a home for me of course, and remember the old saying, ‘whether leather or feather it’s all drag’.”