Raven on ‘The Masked Singer’: Is Ricki Lake the Performer?

Raven on 'The Masked Singer': Is Ricki Lake the Performer?, Masked Singer Ricki Lake, Is the raven Ricki Lake on the masked singer


The Masked Singer is back for another episode, and fans can’t wait to see what the newest installment has in store.

By now, the identity of the raven has pretty much been exposed, and our money is on Ricki Lake.

Why do we think that? What are the clues pointing to Lake?  Read on.

First of all, the raven says she has listened to other people’s stories her whole life. She says it’s now time to share her own.

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The raven adds on that she’s never struggled with getting an audience, and that she has recently suffered a tragic loss. She also added, “Don’t cry, baby. This one’s for you.”

Ricki Lake is most certainly the raven. Not only was she involved in the 1990 film Cry Baby (a reference to the quote she shared),but she is a former television presenter, hence the “never struggled with getting an audience comment.” When Jenny McCarthy asked her if she had hosted a talk show, she admitted she had.

On top of that, Lake lost her ex-husband last year. She was married to a jewelry designer named Christian Evans in April 2012. Evans took his own life, and months after his passing, Lake shared that he had been struggling with bipolar disorder.

In a 2017 issue of People, Lake said, “I have to spread the word about recognizing this disorder and getting treatment as soon as possible. Christian didn’t want to be labeled as bipolar, but he admitted he was in the note he left. That was him finally owning it. That was him giving me permission to tell his story.”

Lake has also held memorable parts in films like Hairspray, proving she is a trained singer (which the judges think she is.)

We won’t find out for sure if Lake is the raven until she is unmasked.

Another common guess for the raven is Meghan McCain. A number of Internet users have noted that McCain is on the view, and the latest clue offered The Masked Singer website notes that the raven has a “point of view.”

As many people know, McCain also recently lost her father, which could explain her many references to undergoing a tragic loss recently.

The Masked Singer has been an epic success and debuted to incredible ratings. Last Wednesday, Fox scored the top spot in the day’s ratings, with The Masked Singer landing 1.6 million viewers 18-49 in the Nielson overnight ratings.

Be sure to tune into tonight’s episode of The Masked Singer on Fox at 9pm ET/PT.


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