Robin & Chris on ‘My 600 Lb Life’

Robin Chris My 600 Lb Life, Who are Robin and Chris and Garrett on Tonight's episode of My 600 Lb Life


Tonight, Robin’s weight loss experience will be chronicled on a new episode of ‘My 600-lb Life’.

As we get to learn about Robin, we’ll also be introduced to her brother Chris, and Chris’s son Garrett.

The family has already lost a sibling to obesity, and yet, as we’ll see tonight, they have not gone through the necessary steps required to shed the weight themselves.

According to Newsweek, Robin McKinley starts the show at 648 pounds. Robin was once a teacher, but now, she’s required to use a wheelchair because walking puts too much strain on her body.

Robin is 40, and hails from Kansas. During the show, she travels to Texas with her husband, James, and their nephew, Garrett. Initially, Robin was going to travel with Chris, but after he suffers a mini-stroke, she decides to take Garrett along on her journey.

At 20-years-old, Garrett is already 600 pounds. In a preview for Wednesday’s episode, Robin explains, “My brother Chris had decided to go with me to Houston to get Dr. Now’s help. We were supposed to leave and go down there a couple of weeks ago but Chris had a heart attack while he was sleeping and he almost didn’t make it. It was so scary and I’m thankful he’s starting to recover but the doctors said he’s not going to be well enough to travel for a while… I really wanted Chris to go to Texas with me.”

Luckily, Garrett agreed meeting Dr. Now would be a wise idea. “I think I need to do that,” he tells his aunt. And what Dr. Now tells Garrett when he meets him is shocking: that he is on track to be the world’s heaviest person if he doesn’t change his lifestyle.

Last week, fans met Brianne on My 600 Lb Life. Brianne started her weight loss journey at over 700 pounds. Brianne’s caretaker was her husband, and her weight put a huge strain on their marriage.

At one point during the episode, Brianne’s husband, Rick, admitted to the cameras that at times, it feels like he’s taking care of a child.

Fortunately, after appearing on the show, things seemed to get better for Brianne. She is reported to have lost half her weight. Distractify reports that after losing more than 384 pounds, she weighs in at 358 pounds. She has posted about her weight loss journey on Facebook, showing off her new body.

My 600 Lb Life first aired on the TLC network in 2012. Each episode follows the life of a morbidly obese individual on his or her quest to lose weight.

Patients are looked after in Houston by Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, often referred to Dr. Now, who puts them on a strict weight loss schedule. Often, Dr. Now performs a gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy to help his patients lose more weight.

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