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Sister Wives

Kody Brown Instagram Sister Wives, TLC's reality show starring America's favorite polygamist Kody Brown and his wives, is back and premieres Sunday, January 7 at 8/7c.

Sister Wives, TLC’s reality show starring America’s favorite polygamist Kody Brown and his wives, is back and premieres Sunday, January 7 at 8/7c. The new season promises plenty of love, laughter and drama for the Brown family as they come together to face new beginnings and close old wounds.

Sister Wives: New Season First LookThe beloved Brown family returns with the sound of wedding bells for Aspyn and Mitch, but not all is bliss for the four wives. Sister Wives season eight premieres Sunday, January 20 at 8/7c. Stream Full Episodes of Sister Wives: Subscribe to TLC! Facebook: Twitter: We're on Instagram!

The trailer above shows Meri, who is eager to open her bed and breakfast, look to Kody for help with the down payment, although Kody reveals that they don’t have the money to contribute.

“I’m being really careful about holding it in right now,” she revealed about her feelings toward the B&B. “Because part of me just wants to stand up and say ‘OK fine, I don’t need you guys.'” Kody questions Meri’s intentions in purchasing the B&B as well, causing even more tension between the two.

“I’ve struggled, personally, not to see it as sort of self-indulgent, that it’s never been about the family, it’s just been about Meri needing this house in her family,” Kody explains in the clip. “It’s never been about how it could benefit our children.”

Meri’s feelings are also hurt after asking fellow wives Christine and Janelle if they would help with the down payment, saying she feels hurt that they would only offer to help her if they could become partners in the business. “I need to tell you, I feel like you guys are saying, ‘Well, why can’t we be part of your business?’ Because this is something that I was just not understanding,” Meri tells the group while fighting back tears. “This is all new to me so I’m just kind of doing what I can and trying to figure it out by myself.”

Meri is also struggling to get along with her fellow sister wife Christine in another clip, confronting Christine about why she doesn’t feel comfortable with Meri around. Christine mentions that “the ‘sister wife’ relationship is super tricky, because you’re trying to be best friends with the woman who has a relationship with your husband,” indicating that she may be struggling with her feelings about sharing her husband.

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On top of the usual familial drama between the Browns, the original sneak peek of the season gives us some insight behind their move to Arizona, the fact that Utah “kind of kicked [the family] out,” and the sticky question about whether or not their decision to stay together is ripping the family apart. It looks as though the family may be moving again, although it is unclear whether they are moving back to Utah or not.

“Vegas has been good to us, and yet, I’ve wanted to move back to Utah ever since we left,” Kody revealed in the clip.

Sister Wives season 8 premieres Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on TLC, followed by the season 2 premiere of Seeking Sister Wife, which explores the unfamiliar world of polygamous courtship, at 10 p.m

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