‘Sister Wives’ Season 13 Cast & Spoilers

Getty The cast of 'Sister Wives'

TLC’s hit series Sister Wives is back for its thirteenth season. In addition to the usually drama that plays out between the Browns, this season will see patriarch Kody Brown attempting to move the family from their current home. Read on to learn about the show’s cast and the crucial spoilers.

In the season thirteen preview, Kody assembles the rest of the Brown family to make an impromptu presentation. He points to a board that reads: “What Is Best for Our Family” and “Where We Go One, We Go All.” He also discusses the plan to move the family from their current home in Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona. “You can’t move four homes and a giant family without having tons of chaos,” Kody admitted to AZ Central. “However, this is a much more organized move. We’ve got charts, we’ve made plans, we’re packing weeks in advance.”

Kody & the Rest of the Brown Family Are Moving to Arizona In the Season 13 Premiere

Kody’s wives Robyn and Christine are also eager to make the move. “We’re moving because we wanted a slower lifestyle,” Robyn explained. “You’ll see all this craziness in the next season. Fragile.” Christine spoke on the fact that she’s ready for the next chapter in their family’s life. “Vegas has been good for us,” she explained. “It’s been great for our kids. They’ve all really grown here and done so many wonderful things. It’s been great for us. I don’t know, I’m just ready for the next adventure.”

The rest of the family isn’t as eager to pick up and leave. Kody and Janelle Brown’s son is currently a junior in high school and Janelle doesn’t want to fracture his relationship with his friends before he graduates. According to SoapDirt, there is also some dissent between Janelle and Christine about the move. Janelle feels that Christine was less excited to move initially, but has bought into the idea simply because its what Kody wants and she wants to stay in his good graces.

Kody’s Relationships With Christine & Meri Will Also Factor Into the New Season

Kody’s role as the patriarch and leader of the Brown family also seems as though it will cause some tension this season. During the sneak peak, Christine Brown talks to the viewer about the difficulty of putting up with Kody’s demands. She also admits that his having multiple wives factors into the difficulty of the decision-making process. “You’re trying to be friends with a woman who has a relationship with your husband,” she said.

Kody and Meri’s relationship will also be a key narrative throughout the season. The couple bumped heads over Meri’s bed and breakfast, and the fact that Kody didn’t give her money to help finance it. “I’m being very careful about holding it all in right now,” she told the viewer. “Because part of me wants to just stand up and be like, ‘Okay, fine, I don’t need you guys’.”

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