‘Star Trek: Discovery’: What Happened to Captain Lorca? Is He Returning?

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Tonight marks the return of Star Trek: Discovery for Season 2. Fans are excited about the introduction of Capt. Pike, who will be taking the helm of the Discovery for at least part of the season. But they still miss Captain Lorca, despite how twisted he turned in the end. Here’s a quick refresher on what happened to Captain Lorca and a look at whether or not he might return.

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Jason Isaacs did an admirable job as Capt. Lorca, but it might take some ingenuity to ever bring him back to the show. Right now, it’s not looking very likely that it will happen in Season 2, but no one’s giving clear-cut answers about Lorca’s future on the show.

Capt. Gabriel Lorca (who was actually from the Mirror Universe) was stabbed through the heart by Emperor Philippa Georgiou and thrown into the ship’s reactor at the end of Season 1. He didn’t survive his fight with Michael Burnham. However, there was a weird moment when he disappeared and it looked like he might have ended up in the spore universe instead, somehow.

Fans think this might hint that Mirror Universe Lorca could come back. When Jason Isaacs was asked by EW if Mirror Lorca was dead, he responded: “I’ve lied to all of the press constantly since the very first day I got this job. So why would you believe anything I say now?”

There’s another possibility for Isaacs’ return that doesn’t involve Mirror Lorca. Prime Lorca has been missing for a long time and we don’t know his fate.

Prime Lorca was originally the captain of the USS Buran in the Prime universe, until Mirror Lorca swapped places with him and became captain of the Buran instead. Mirror Lorca later claimed that he had to sacrifice all the men on the Buran in order to save them from being tortured by the Klingons. But we don’t know for certain what happened to Prime Lorca.

Isaacs told EW that if he knows, he’s not telling. “If I did [know what happened to Prime Lorca], you’d have to stand behind my wife, friends, and professional collaborators to find out the answer. I’ve kept this one big secret for six months – I am certainly going to keep any others…”

Isaacs cryptically tweeted in January 2018:

Alex Kurtzman, showrunner, was cryptic too. He told EW in January 2019: “I will tell you that you should not expect to see him this season, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be back.”

Despite these cryptic answers, don’t expect to see Isaacs in Season 2. He’s most recently been focused on shooting the second season of The OA for Netflix.