Terra Newell Vs. John Meehan in Real Life

Terra Newell Real Life

Instagram Pictured: Terra Newell

Debra Newell’s real-life escape from a twisted relationship with John Meehan is at the center of the Bravo mini-series Dirty John. But, before we get into the true outcome of what happened with the real people involved, major spoilers about the finale of Dirty John will be revealed. So, if you do NOT want to know what happens on the finale, STOP READING NOW.

According to Forbes, Newell has four children, but it was daughter Terra who had to fight for her life when it came to Meehan. One day, Meehan tried to kill Terra and stabbed her multiple times, but she fought back and ultimately killed him in self-defense. Today, Newell said that her daughter suffers from PTSD because of the incident. Newell revealed, “She did everything right to fight that man! We’re all healing but everything you go through in life is a learning experience.”

Newell also revealed that after Meehan’s death, “Within the first few days John’s sisters came to visit and told Terra she had no reason to feel guilty. Then, his ex-wife Tonia told Terra she was a hero. He was tormenting these people and they were fearful for their lives.” And, reflecting on the attack against Terra, Newell told Forbes, “I thought the last person he’d go for was Terra. I thought he somewhat liked her and if he was going to go for someone, it was going to be me.”

Connie Britton Dirty john

Photo by: Jordin Althaus/BravoPictured: (l-r) Julia Garner as Terra Newell, Connie Britton as Debra Newell

Meehan’s attack on Terra took place in the parking lot of her apartment building on August 20, 2016. Terra was walking with her Australian miniature shepherd, Cash, when she was confronted and stabbed repeatedly by Meehan. Fortunately, she was able to escape. In an interview with Megyn Kelly, according to Meaww, Terra revealed, “He was trying to push me in the car, and he actually had the trunk wide open. I tried to get away from him, I was screaming. He put his hand over my mouth and I bit as hard as I could … I got thrown to the ground somehow, and I just was pedal kicking trying to block the knife.”

Terra Newell has been a big fan of Dirty John and has voiced her support for the show on her Instagram. On the day of the finale, Terra wrote this message online, “So tonight is the night guys! The final episode of @dirtyjohnbravo. I want to thank everyone that worked on the show and being sensitive to my family’s sensitivities about the show. I tried to tag everyone I met on set but if I didn’t get you, just know I’m thankful for you! I hope everyone enjoys tonight! #dirtyjohn #dirtyjohnbravo #behindthescenes #terranewell #shoplunab #burberry #chloe #basedonreallifeevents.”

Terra Newell is a blogger today and on her personal website, she has talked about how Meehan’s attack on her has influenced her life. In one post, she wrote, “Ever since my trauma I told myself that I would live my life to the absolute fullest and do everything I want to do in life.”

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