Twitter’s Best Jokes & Memes About ‘The Bachelor’ Premiere

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Throughout the 3-hour season 23 The Bachelor premiere, fans and haters of the show had a lot to say on Twitter. Live proposals, crazy limo entrances, The Bachelor Colton Underwood’s virginity, and cocktail party drama provided material for jokes and memes that have already started to define the season and its contestants.

Here’s a look at some of the best jokes and memes that Twitter came up with during The Bachelor premiere:

The Sloth

When Alex D. emerged from her limo dressed head-to-toe as a sloth, Twitter went wild. She moved and spoke at an exaggeratedly slow pace as she approached a waiting Colton Underwood. The moment was made funnier when the show cut to commercial before Alex had reached Colton; she was still approaching when the show returned.

On Twitter, viewers made jokes about Alex ensuring she wouldn’t be dressed like anyone else, and suggested her costume was a metaphor for the pace of the 3-hour premiere.

Alex, who is from Boston, Massachusetts, kept up the sloth persona (costume and all) up until her one-on-one time with Underwood, and fans appreciated the humor.

Thank U, Next

Following the popular meme format, inspired by Ariana Grande’s single “thank u, next,” one Twitter user made reference to three of the women’s limo arrivals.

Another user also utilized the format, to make a joke about the abundance of dogs featured on the premiere.

Lucy the Pomeranian

One of the contestants, Catherine, brought along her pet Pomeranian Lucy to meet Underwood, who is a known dog-lover (he has two). Lucy, who got her own title card on the screen when she was introduced, quickly became a meme as Twitter jokingly counted her in as one of the contestants.

The Fake Australian Accent

When Bri introduced herself to Colton, she spoke in an Australian accent, mentioning to him that she heard he liked accents. When the show cut to her on-camera interview, she revealed that she doesn’t actually have an accent but she wanted to stand out.

The Age Range of the Contestants

As the 30 women were introduced, many pointed out that the majority of them are in their early 20s.

If night one was any indication, this season is sure to be full of drama and meme-worth content. Watch season 23 of ABC’s The Bachelor on Monday nights at 8pm.

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