‘The Conners’ Finale Recap: Jackie Breaks Down and a Famous Face Returns

The Conners Cast

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In last week’s penultimate episode of The Conners, Darlene’s new boyfriend Ben (Jay R. Ferguson) asked Darlene to move with him to Chicago…and that’s nowhere near the biggest storyline in the jam-packed finale of the Roseanne spinoff.

Spoilers are ahead! Here’s what happened on the finale of The Conners.

David Returned With Some Surprising News

David (Johnny Galecki) showed up to tell Darlene that he broke it off with his girlfriend, Blue (Juliette Lewis). He gave Darlene a whole “she wasn’t you” speech after admitting that Blue wanted a family and marriage, but David couldn’t get over what he lost in Darlene. He dropped an “I love you,” while trying to slyly convince Darlene to stay in Lanford. It was a quick scene, but it’s always great to see Galecki return to the series. With The Big Bang Theory ending this year, should The Conners get renewed, we just might see more of David.

Darlene Told Ben She’s Staying in Lanford

Even though Harris can’t wait to get away from the small town she hates, Darlene ended up declining Ben’s invitation to move with him to Chicago. However, she also told him that she really does want to live with him, but that she needs to stay with her dad a little while longer. It’s a hardly surprising turn of events; since The Conners already lost their matriarch in Roseanne, the show couldn’t possibly survive without Sara Gilbert’s Darlene. (Plus, it’s probably a little too early for a spinoff to the spinoff.) Darlene and Ben are going to stay together and Darlene promises to commute to work while Ben continues expanding their mini journalistic empire.

Jackie Imploded After Another Relationship Ended

Jackie’s relationship with Peter (Matthew Broderick) ended when she found another woman’s “breast bags” in his laundry. She suspected him of cheating and that he was, so she kicked the loser out and headed straight for the bottle.

Jackie is probably better off—Peter was a snooze who was so clearly using her. Even Dan tried to warn her a couple weeks ago, leading to yet another disagreement between the in-laws. What the break-up did provide was a stage for another of Laurie Metcalf’s wowing theatrical performances. Jackie went on an absolute bender which took her to the restaurant formerly known as The Lunchbox, the diner she owned with Roseanne in the original series.

The show packed in a lot of pathos with Jackie’s breakdown. Sure, she was mourning the loss of another man, but that’s not new territory for the character—she was really still mourning the loss of her sister. “Me and my sister, we owned the place. We called it The Lunchbox and it’s the last place I was happy,” she said. It’s nice to see the show bring back another reference to Roseanne because, to be honest, many fans are still mourning her loss too.

Becky Received A Gutwrenching Phone Call

A pregnant Becky (Lecy Goranson), is finally finding happiness with her baby-daddy Emilio (Rene Rosado), the restaurant busboy and undocumented immigrant. Emilio seems like a decent guy who just wants to be there for Becky and support the baby. Becky and Emilio seemed to be heading toward happiness and a possible relationship. Dan even likes the guy, having offered him the chance for contracting work as we saw in the last episode, despite his opposition to illegal immigration.

In the finale, Dan heard that ICE was raiding local restaurants looking for illegal immigrants, which led to a devastating phone call for Becky: Emilio had been detained and was being sent back to Mexico.

Should the show be renewed for a second season, there seems to be plenty of storylines to unravel and investigate. There’s room for Galecki’s official return, the family could find a way to help Emilio get back to Lanford, and there’s always a treasure trove of possibilities for the magical Metcalf and loony Jackie. While the show is far from perfect and definitely took a step down since the revival’s first outing, if more Conners means more Metcalf, I guess I’m on board.

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