‘The Good Place’ Season 3: Top 5 Best Quotes From Episode 11

The Good Place

Colleen Hayes/NBC Eleanor and Chidi contemplate the latest conundrum they find themselves in on this weeks episode of "The Good Place."

Good Place fans, get ready to be forking psyched! The show returned from break this week with an episode that brought our crew to the actual Good Place! Not the Bad Place disguised by Michael. Not Earth. Not Janet’s void. The actual Good Place! Holy shirt!

In Season 3’s eleventh episode “The Book of Dougs,” the Soul Squad found themselves in the unattended office of The Good Place after Michael failed to convince Neil, the afterlife’s head accountant, that the Bad Place hacked the points system. The gang made their escape only to find out that they can’t really force a hang sesh at The Good Place, which bubbly postal service worker Gwendolyn (Nicole Byer) confirmed upon their arrival.

Hoping they could quit running, Michael, Eleanor, and the gang still had to cover their tracks and keep their existence on the DL. All that otherworldly madness and dimension hopping led to these five best bits from this week’s episode:

1. The Good Smells of The Good Place

The group found out that The Good Place smells like whatever makes you happiest. For Eleanor, it was her favorite water park from when she was a child, chlorine and all. For Chidi, it was warm pretzels and the smell of absolute moral truth (“Those two things have very similar smells!” confirmed Janet.) Tahani’s answer was the perfect par for her course:

“To me, it smells like a curtain closing between first class and economy…OH! This really is The Good Place!” Classic Tahani, amiright!?

2. The Refugee Joke That Kept It Almost a Little Too Real

The Good Place

Colleen Hayes/NBC

Once Michael realized where they were, he quickly tried to come up with a cover story in case someone found them. He decided that he’d be an Accountant, Janet would be a Neutral Janet, and the other four would be contest winners. The group thought that was pretty lame; Chidi suggested that since they’re in the land of the “good guys,” they should come clean and request asylum, to which Jason responds:

“Yeah man, we’re refugees. What kind of messed up place would turn away refugees?” Shirt just got real!

3. Eleanor’s Escape Room Escape

Once the group found out from Gwendolyn that they can’t leave the office, Eleanor panicked, grabbed a lamp and threw it at the door nearly taking Chidi’s head off in the process.

“What? This is how I always got out of escape rooms! If you break enough stuff they open the door and kick you out!”

Eleanor-tested, Eleanor-approved.

4. Eleanor is Fluent in Tolstoy, but Only if it Came from Tyra Banks First

The Good Place

Colleen Hayes/NBC

When Chidi and Eleanor discussed the nature of their relationship, Chidi did the most Chidi-like thing he could possibly do: he quoted Tolstoy.

“‘There’s only one time that is important: now. It is the only time when we have any power,'” Chidi quoted, with Eleanor finishing his sentence.

“I know that quote. An unverified Tyra Banks account posted that meme on Instagram,” she said.

Chidi’s response: “Well now I hate it.”

The conversation between the two is a prime example of how the show works on every level, quoting high art in one breath, and referencing low-brow pop culture in the very next. That’s exactly why The Good Place is so damn good.

5. Michael’s Description of How to Make Jason Happy is On Point

The Good Place

Tahani spent the episode trying to alleviate the weirdness between her, Janet, and Jason. She knew the two had feelings for each other, despite the fact that she and Jason are kind-of-sort-of married thanks to past reboots of Michael’s Bad Place scheme. She went to Micahel for advice on how to make them happy and he knocked it out of the park. The immortal Michael replied:

“How do you make Jason happy? You give him a lollipop shaped like a Transformer.”

At the end of the episode, the Squad is off to rendezvous with The Judge at the IHOP, which a stalwart Michael, keen on saving humanity, says is the most dangerous place in the universe. (So not tight, you guys.) Away the group goes, walking through another portal toward an uncertain future, leaving us viewers praying for more Maya Rudolph next week.

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