‘The Masked Singer’ Alien Clues & Guesses So Far

The Masked Singer Alien


The Masked Singer has become an overnight success. For those who are just diving into the show, here is some info on what to expect on the show, before we get into some of the guesses and clues about the performer who is dressed like an alien.

A panel of celebrity judges, which includes music artist Robin Thicke, former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, actor and comedian Ken Jeong, and the outspoken Jenny McCarthy, all weigh in on the performances. They also come up with their own guesses and ask the masked celebrities questions about their identities. The masked celebrities sing or rap to music on stage, while they are in disguise, in front of a live audience, as well as the judges.

Each of the “masked” celebrities is voted on by the audience, based on how their performances go. Throughout the show, the in-house audience, at-home viewers and the judges are provided with clues about the possible identity of each performer. At the end of each of the episodes, one of the “masked singers” ends up getting eliminated and their true identity is revealed.

With that said, let’s focus on the alien performer … Every week, we will continue to update you with the most recent guesses and clues about the identity of the alien. Read on below for the rundown on the clues and guesses about the alien so far, as well as more info on the show itself. We will continue to update this post live during aired performances as well.

Alien ‘Masked Singer’ Clues

When it comes to the alien, the clue released before the performer’s first appearance on the show aired, was a gold music record, which makes us believe that this singer could be a Grammy winner. They are, at least, a music artist. According to the alien, she grew up in the public eye and doesn’t want to ever be controlled again. She said that, for the first time ever, the world gets to hear her voice, on her terms. It also sounds like she comes from a famous family. And, the alien revealed that she comes from a family of many sisters.

No height was given on the alien when they walked out onto stage.

Alien ‘Masked Singer’ Guesses

We will continue to update you with guesses, following the alien’s debut performance. Some of the judges weighed in with their guesses, but they had difficulty. Robin Thicke’s guess was that the singer was Bella Hadid. Taylor Hill could be a good guess because she has several sisters, is a model and comes from a famous family … Could the singer be a Kardashian or Jenner?

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