‘The Masked Singer’ Costumes for Remaining Contestants

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NBC’s The Masked Singer continues to thrill viewers with its colorful performances and the mystery surrounding each contestant. Several have already been unmasked, like NFL player Antonio Brown and comedian Tommy Chong, but the panel of judges still have to figure out who the remaining celebrities are.

As such, we’ve assembled a list of the remaining contestants and their accompanying costumes, as well as the inspiration that the show’s designer Marina Toybina had behind making them. Read on to learn more.

The Poodle

The most popular guesses surrounding the Poodle is that could be under the mask. Toybina explained that the Poodle’s design was inspired by the performer’s “diva-like” persona. “One of the ones I know people are loving is The Poodle, which was a little more inspired by everyday conceptual,” she told ET Online.

“The Poodle was influenced by the Beverly Hills dog; like everybody has their little dogs, and they die their fur different colors to make it look fun,” she added. “Conceptually I wanted to create some sort of a poodle-type character that had a little bit of an attitude, that was a little more diva-esque.”

The Rabbit

Many have speculated that the Rabbit is former member of a boy band, given the clues that he has a gift for synchronized singing and is usually accompanied by others. The most notable guesses so far have been N*SYNC members Joey Fatone or JC Chasez.

“We were kind of choosing the costumes that were appropriate for the casting,” Toybina told Yahoo. “Some of the celebrities had a choice as far as who they wanted to be or who they related to. One hundred percent what you see in the sketches is what I was able to replicate with my incredible team. I kept it very authentic to its original concepts and details.”

The Monster

Toybina explained that costumes like the Monster were being tweaked right up to the premiere. “There was no room for error or mistakes,” she explained. “As we were doing fittings we were still going through and tweaking some of the masks. In general, I think I’ve only had some people one or two fittings to get it right. And then as the show was going on … the only thing we had to do was make sure that the masks were secured, that the stars could breathe, see and perform.”

The Unicorn

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In an interview with Variety, Toybina admitted that there some difficulties in designing costumes so as not to give away the performer’s gender. “There were a few gender mixes within the costumes. I had such creative freedom from my network and the producers that we were able to play around,” she explained. “And the cast was so open-minded as to who would go into a female costume or who would go into a male and how we’d adjust the build based on that.”

The Alien

Toybina explained that certain costumes, like the Alien, for example, posed issues in terms of comfortability and allowing the performer to move around in it. “There was definitely trial-and-error trying to figure out the best way to hide our talent,” she revealed. “And make them become these characters without any sign of skin.”

She added that the fitting sessions were “very, very private”, and that things like stage presence and physical motions were taken into account when tailoring each costume.

The Raven

The Raven costume appears to have some of the trickiest designs, which Toybina said she made with a small team. “All together, I would say about twenty, 25 people help me up these customers from scratch,” she explained. “The number one thing that we had to address on stage was visibility. We had to make sure that they could sing, make sure that they could see, and figure out the best with the choreography and the creative directors how to present them.”

The Lion

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Toybina said that while the Lion was one of the most difficult costume designs, it is also one of her favorites. “I put so much work into each and every one, so it’s kind of hard to choose which one’s the best or the favorite. I think each process was so different,” she explained. “For instance, The Lion mask was one of the most different ones out of all the 12. That one was casted for over two and a half weeks, created in two personal molds for who was wearing the mask, and then we coated it in gold.”


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