Joel McHale Is Guest Judge On ‘The Masked Singer’ Tonight

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Tonight’s episode of The Masked Singer will be a little different. While regular hosts Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, and Nicole Scherzinger will be around, the series will also introduce its first ever guest judge: comedian and actor Joel McHale. McHale will be taking up a seat right next to his former Community co-star Jeong.

In the promo clip for tonight’s episode, McHale is shown guessing the identity of the Deer. “Love all your albums… Brett Favre!” the comedian says during the clip. “Brett Favre might be the best guess yet,” Thicke adds. “I gotta be honest with you Joel.” McHale then says that the whole process would be easier if the Deer simply revealed his identity to the audience. “Why don’t we just ask him who he is?” McHale asks. “That would be so much faster!”

McHale Will Be Sitting Next to His Former ‘Community’ Co-Star Ken Jeong

McHale also joked about his appearance on Twitter. “The guest judge tonight is actually @JoelMcHale and he’s NOT wearing a Ryan mask,” wrote Ryan Seacrest. “The height is a dead giveaway.”

McHale responded to Seacrest’s tweet by writing: “Come @RyanSeacrest —-you ARE on tonight—- wearing a @kenjeong mask. You were very brave to wear his wardrobe. And even though those were his actual clothes you still wore them better.”

The Masked Singer showrunner Izzie Pick Ibarra told The Wrap that the five contestants who were not unmasked in episode 1 will be performing again in episode 3. These contestants include the Peacock, the Monster, the Unicorn, the Lion and the Deer.

Showrunner Izzie Pick Ibarra Said Tonight’s Performers Are Returning from Episode 1

“Basically, the show moving forward, you’ll see Group A again in Show 3 and they will essentially, we give you a whole load of new clues,” Ibarra revealed. “They will perform individually and the panel and the studio audience vote and the person that was not everybody’s favorite, the worst singer of that night, the worst performer of the night, will go home and be unmasked.”

“And that format will follow on until the seventh show and on Show 7 we combine the cast essentially for the first time,” she added. “So you’ll be down to six singers in Show 7 and they’ll be the remaining six from the series.”

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Ibarra also spoke on the process of selecting clues and how the judges, including McHale, have to really think about who they’re watching perform. “We can’t just have the panel sit there and give clues in the first two shows and then expect everybody to stay engaged throughout the series,” she reasoned.

“So, you know, we had additional ways of giving clues. For example, in one of the episodes, the singers brought an object onto the stage from home that was a clue as to who they might be,” Ibarra continued. “So we were doing different things as we went along, adding new stuff all the time.”

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