The Masked Singer 2019: What the Judges Think So Far

Getty Nick Cannon, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke

Tonight The Masked Singer returns for its second episode. The series premiere proved to be a big hit with fans, who remain just as puzzled as to who the mysterious celebrities under the costumes could be.

In preparation for tonight’s episode, find out what all four judges thinks of the series and who they think the masked performers could be!

Ken Jeong

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jeong said that he didn’t expect the series to be such a big hit. “No [I couldn’t have predicted the ratings],” he confessed. “It’s an insane show that I guess… no one saw this coming. I’m so grateful for the fans, and the best is yet to come on that show.”

Jeong also spoke on the difficulty of gaging who the celebrities are under the costumes. “I can’t say [who I think the lion is],” he joked. “I’m one of the worst. I’m literally… Robin and Nicole and Jenny are brought in… Those three are brought in because they’re smart, pop culture savvy, and like Robin and Nicole, trained musicians. I’m brought in because of my stupidity and crippling anxiety.”

The comedian also revealed a bit more about how the series works. “[Here’s] even a little more inside baseball,” he said. “Even when their agents and managers show up, they wear a mask too, so people like me who are savvy can’t say, ‘This person reps so and so.’ We don’t know anything! So everyone, and I was told everyone in the green room, when they watch it behind the scenes, everyone’s riveted.”

Nicole Scherzinger

“I’ve done singing competition shows before, but this really isn’t the same,” Sherzinger told Media Village. “It’s unlike anything else out there; that’s why I decided to do it. I was actually a little scared to do it because it was so different, but I usually like to take chances and do things that scare me. This is innovative and bizarre, and I feel I’m bizarre as well, so I thought I would fit right in.”

“I’m horrible at guessing who people are, even without the costume,” she added. “I was pretty shocked; I never knew who anybody was. Although with a couple of people I did feel I knew their voices and some I just couldn’t believe.” When asked why the show has been such a hit with fans, the former Pussycat Doll chalked it up to the freedom of being able to perform without being judged.

“I think a lot of people did it because they wanted to share a different side to them,” she speculated. “They wanted no preconceived notions or to be judged, just to share what they love and that doesn’t mean they have to be the best at it. They just wanted to connect through music. I fell in love with the panel, the celebrities and the costumes. In a weird twist that while filming I was [often] crying. It was quite cathartic for a lot of the contestants and for us.”

Jenny McCarthy

The Masked Singer: Jenny McCarthy Shows Off The Costumes Backstage! (Exclusive)Check out the phenomenon for yourself, every Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.2019-01-09T16:02:46.000Z

McCarthy has said the least about her experience on the series thus far, and who she thinks is beneath any of the masks, but FOX has released videos of the TV personality going backstage and providing some insight into how each episode comes together.

McCarthy has also teased the possibility that her husband Donnie Wahlberg, formerly of the boy band New Kids On the Block, may be one of the contestants. Only time will tell whether this theory turns out to be true.

Robin Thicke

Thicke claimed that he had a better grasp on guessing who each contestant was than his peers. “Remember, some of them have been performing their whole lives,” he told Gonzoo Kanagan. “Some of them maybe 10 years, their whole lives, and some of them maybe 40 years, their whole lives. I heard a couple voices that I knew right away because of the familiarity. You know singers when you’re a singer. Then there were others that were very hard to figure out.”

Thicke’s talent for picking out voices has been supported by Jeong, who called the singer “an amazing guesser.” Thicke also spoke on the importance of the series and its ability to allow celebrities to cut loose of their personas. “I think what’s most important about this is the people themselves, the celebrities themselves are overcoming fears, taking chances and trying to re-energize their careers,” he said. “Some of them have had incredible careers and they’re looking to re-energize.”

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