‘The Masked Singer’ Monster: Is T-Pain the Performer?

The Masked Singer Monster Clues


The Masked Singer has taken America by storm. The show puts celebrities in elaborate disguises and has them perform for the votes from in-house viewers. Clues are given throughout the show and guesses are made by the judges, but only one of the singers is unmasked at the end of each episode. This means, that fans will have to wait until the end of the season for all of the performers to be revealed.

One of the singers is the Monster and there are a ton of guesses that the identity of the Monster is music artist T-Pain.

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When it comes to clues about who the Monster is, they include:

The Monster is 5’8″ tall and his weakness is that he’s misunderstood. He said that he’s a monster because that’s what the world has called him. He moved out of the public eye for a while and he wants to make a comeback with a new mixtape. He said that he wanted to “rewrite my mixtape to prove that I’m more than just puff and fluff.” Auto-tune was used in his package and he told the judges that some may not realize that he’s actually a good singer. So, it could be a music artist who sometimes uses auto-tune.

According to Good Housekeeping, T-Pain is 5’8″ and has used auto-tune. Also, when you listen to T-Pain sing in the below video, it sounds pretty much the same as his performance on The Masked Singer, right? Same vocals?

VideoVideo related to ‘the masked singer’ monster: is t-pain the performer?2019-01-16T20:22:20-05:00

Ahead of the Monster’s second performance on The Masked Singer 2019, E! News reported another clue about the Monster. In a clip from episode 3 of the show, the Monster tells the judges, “I like to keep my head in the game.” On episode 3, the Monster also appeared in his Cadillac in his video package.

There are many websites reporting that the most popular guess for the Monster is T-Pain. For example, Your Tango wrote, “The top guess right now is T. Pain. The Monster told the judges that not everyone considers him a professional singer. This jibes with the criticism leveled against T-Pain for his heavy use of auto-tune. He might be showing up under the Monster mask to prove he can sing without auto-tune.” According to Vulture, other guesses about the identity of the monster include Cee Lo Green. Bobby Brown was another guess, but the height of the Monster is a major debunker.

For his debut performance on The Masked Singer, the Monster sang “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen and judge Ken Jeong said it was his favorite performance so far in the competition. This was on episode 1. The Monster didn’t return to the show again until episode 3.

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesday nights, at 9 p.m. ET/PT and 8 p.m. CT, on the Fox network. The judges on this season’s panel include comedian Ken Jeong, music artist Robin Thicke, singer and dancer Nicole Scherzinger, and radio host Jenny McCarthy. Throughout the show this season, there will also be some celebrity guest judges. For example, on episode 3, Joel McHale steps in as a judge.

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