‘The Masked Singer’ Poodle: Is Margaret Cho the Performer?

The Masked Singer Poodle Clues


UPDATE: The identity of the Poodle is … Margaret Cho! Victory!

The Masked Singer has become an instant success. It is a show that dresses celebrities up in elaborate disguises and has them perform for the votes of in-house viewers. Clues are provided to the viewers, as well as a panel of judges, throughout the show and guesses are made by the judges. But, only one of the singers is unmasked at the end of each episode. This means, that fans will have to wait until the end of the season for every single one of the performers to be revealed.

One of the singers is the Poodle and there are a ton of guesses that the identity of the Poodle is comedian Margaret Cho.

Some of the clues about the Poodle’s identity include that the Poodle’s strength is intelligence. Poodle performed “Heartbreaker” and in her video package, it showed the city of San Francisco and a rainbow. The Poodle also said she wanted to get back to her musical roots. This one’s a tough guess. RuPaul was one of the judges’ guesses, but we’re not sure that’s the right way to go. The RuPaul guess was probably because of this quote from the Poodle’s clues: “It’s time I return to my musical roots to show the world a side of me it’s never seen before. To figure me out, you’re gonna have to work.”

According to Your Tango, Margaret Cho is an LGBTQA activist and has released music in the past, so she could definitely be a good candidate here. Ali Wong has been another guess.

Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger are the judges on The Masked Singer this season, with Nick Cannon as the host.

Prior to the show’s premiere, show producer Craig Plestis told The Hollywood Reporter, “When the masks come off, everyone has to recognize that face — or they have to have some huge credibility, either in sports, in entertainment, TV, film, music. Some people were easy to cast. They saw the potential of the show. They loved the idea of being behind a mask and no one knowing who they were, and showing off the talent that no one knew that they even had. They got it right away. Some people said no. In the end, we got great names, and all of them are big in their field in one way or another.”

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