‘The Masked Singer’ Rabbit: Is Joey Fatone the Performer?

Rabbit on 'The Masked Singer', Who is the Rabbit on 'The Masked Singer', Clues Guesses for The rabit on The masked Singer


The Masked Singer has become a huge hit, starting off with 12 celebrities in disguises, along with a panel of celebrity judges. The show airs on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT and 8 p.m. CT, on Fox and the show has become a quick success. The judges on the panel include singer and dancer Nicole Scherzinger, radio and TV personality Jenny McCarthy, comedic actor Ken Jeong and music artist Robin Thicke. Joel McHale has also joined in as a guest judge. Nick Cannon is the show’s host.

So, how does The Masked Singer work? Celebrities, athletes, and music stars each take on characters and dress completely up in costumes. For example, some of the singers are a Monster, a Lion, and a Bee. Each of the performers sing in front of a live audience and the judges, performing for the votes of the in-studio viewers. At the end of each episode, one of the singers will end up voted off of the show, but, before they exit the stage, they are unmasked. Only one singer gets revealed during each night’s show.

Before each performer’s act, clues are given about their possible identities. In addition, after their performances, they answer a question from the judges, who offer up their own guesses about who each singer could be in real life …

Now that you have the rundown on what to expect on the show, let’s focus on one of the performers – the Rabbit.

When the Rabbit first performed on The Masked Singer, he was in a face-off against the Alien. The Rabbit ended up winning the face-off against the Alien.

For his clues, the Rabbit said that he’s been a performer but was never alone while on stage. This makes you think he was in a music group or a band of some kind. He also said that he “pops up”, which means he could be part of a pop group. The Rabbit also said the winner “is gonna be me,” which could be a clue about the name of an N’Sync song (“It’s Gonna Be Me”).

After the Rabbit’s first round of clues were revealed on episode 2, Judge Jenny McCarthy was saying that the singer could be a boy bander. But, she said that Joey Fatone has a bigger gut than the bunny. But, perhaps Fatone has lost a little weight.

Recently, Fatone appeared on an episode of Dancing With the Stars, participating in a trio dance routine, since he is a former contestant on the reality show.

Mr. Rabbit did end up admitting that he has been in a band.

Our guess is that the Rabbit is Joey Fatone. But, if he isn’t Joey Fatone, perhaps he’s another former member of N’SYNC.

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