‘The Masked Singer’ Episode 2 Spoilers: Singers Revealed in Live Recap

The Masked Singer Spoilers


Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger are the judges on the new hit reality competition show The Masked Singer, with Nick Cannon as the host. On the show, celebrities dress up in elaborate costumes and sing in disguise on stage, as the audience and judges try to figure out their real identities.

Tonight, on January 9, 2019, episode 2 airs and the second batch of celebrities take the stage. For those who do NOT want to know any spoilers on The Masked Singer, STOP READING NOW. Otherwise, read on below.

Ahead of the premiere, when talking about what went into casting the star athletes, performers and other celebrities, show producer Craig Plestis told The Hollywood Reporter, “When the masks come off, everyone has to recognize that face — or they have to have some huge credibility, either in sports, in entertainment, TV, film, music. Some people were easy to cast. They saw the potential of the show. They loved the idea of being behind a mask and no one knowing who they were, and showing off the talent that no one knew that they even had. They got it right away. Some people said no. In the end, we got great names, and all of them are big in their field in one way or another.”

There are 12 contestants total and there are even some Grammy winners in the mix. On the premiere episode, a performer in a hippo costume was revealed to be athlete Antonio Brown, so you never know who could be behind the mask.

Now that you have the rundown on the kind of stars you could be seeing this season on The Masked Singer, let’s get into the live recap on tonight’s episode. We will be updating this post live as the episode airs.

Before getting into tonight’s performances, host Nick Cannon gave a brief rundown on what the show is about and revealed the performers. He then introduced the judges.

First up was the rabbit against the alien. The rabbit said that he’s been a performer but was never along on stage. He also said that he “pops up”, which means he could be part of a pop group. The rabbit also said the winner “is gonna be me,” which could be a name of an N’Sync song (“It’s Gonna Be Me”). Judge Jenny McCarthy was saying that the singer could be a boy bander. But, she said that Joey Fatone has a bigger gut than the bunny.

Mr. Rabbit did admit that he has been in a band.

Next up was the alien, who had a nice figure. According to the alien, she grew up in the public eye and possibly in a famous family. She doesn’t want to ever be controlled again. She said that, for the first time ever, the world gets to hear her voice, on her terms. The alien said she comes from a family that has many sisters.

The winner of the rabbit and alien face-off ended up being …. the rabbit.

And then it was the Pineapple, up against the Raven. The Raven was first and said they’ve always been a sunny kind of person and no one talks more than they do. She said that recently she suffered a loss and she hopes to honor her beloved. She said she wants to rise up and says “don’t cry baby”. Our guess is that she is Ricki Lake. The voice is nearly dead on and she admitted to hosting a talk show at some point. “Ricky! Ricky!” … for those who remember the hit talk show.

Next up was the pineapple … The “OG” Pineapple said he’s overcome a life-threatening disease and he’s always wanted to sing. He said “up in smoke” at the end of his video package and smoke was shown. We’re thinking it is definitely Tommy Chong, who battled cancer in recent years. The stoner legend is definitely a prime candidate. If not, his partner in crime, Cheech, could be a potential guess …

In the final face-off, the poodle goes up against the bee. Poodle’s strength is intelligence. Poodle performed “Heartbreaker” and in her video package, it showed San Francisco and a rainbow. She also said she wanted to get back to her musical roots. This one’s a tough guess. RuPaul was one of the judges’ guesses.

Next up was the bee. She said you can call her “Queen Bee” and that people can see her sing to a new generation on this show. Could it be LaToya Jackson? Some guesses from the judges were Lil Kim, Diana Ross and Mary J. Blige … until she told the judges she started singing in the 1950s. Could it be Dionne Warwick? Maybe Patti LaBelle? Gladys Knight is another guess that was on Twitter.

So, the Poodle, the Pineapple and the Alien were in the bottom three. Tonight’s bottom singer was … the Pineapple. And, the celebrity unmasked was … Tommy Chong.

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