‘The Masked Singer’ Episode 4 Spoilers: Singers Revealed in Live Recap

The Masked Singer Spoilers


Episode 4 of The Masked Singer is here and the show has been capturing viewers across the country. Last week, guest Joel McHale joined the judges’ panel guessing the identities of the disguised singers. He has returned to be a guest judge again this week, along with regular judges Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger. On the show, celebrities dress up in fun costumes and take on certain characters. Then, they sing in their disguises on stage, as the audience and judges try to figure out who they really are …

Now that you have the rundown on the kind of stars you could be unmasking this season on The Masked Singer, let’s get into the live recap on tonight’s episode. We will be updating this post live as the episode airs.

Before getting into the performances, host Nick Cannon welcomed the usual judges, along with guest judge Joel McHale, who is on for the second week in a row.

The Rabbit was the first one up and he talked about taking things to new heights. He talked about an amusement park and Coney Island was highlighted. For his performance tonight, the Rabbit performed the song “Wake Me Up” by Aloe Blacc and Avicii. When the judges were trying to guess the identity of the Rabbit tonight, judge Robin Thicke made the comment that he thinks Thicke is a seasoned performer. Thicke then guessed that the Rabbit could be Joey Fatone or possibly JC Chasez, both who were in N’SYNC.

Judge Nicole Scherzinger then asked the Rabbit if she ever toured with him in the past. The Rabbit replied that he couldn’t remember.

Next up was the Alien, who said that the judges’ comments about her singing from last week reminded her of her childhood, before the world knew her family’s name. Nicole Scherzinger guessed that the Alien could be from the Jackson family after the Alien performed the song “Lovefool.” One of the top guesses for the Alien has been LaToya Jackson, so, it could be.

Giving a clue to the judges, the Alien said she’s recorded many things and that she is a quadruple threat.

Next up was the Raven, who many believe to be Ricki Lake and we’re convinced. Ahead of her performance tonight, she said that no one recognized her beauty in the past. The number 1968 was shown and she talked about someone discovering her gifts. For her performance tonight, she performed the song “Bad Romance” and it definitely sounded like Ricki Lake.

Judge Jenny McCarthy said she thinks she knows who the Raven is behind the mask. Robin Thicke reiterated that the Raven is a former talk show host.

The Poodle was up next and she revealed that she has been fired many times. This makes us wonder if she is Kathy Griffin and Jenny McCarthy had the same guess.

The Bee was the next singer in the spotlight and the judges were guessing Dionne Warwick as a possible identity. As part of the Bee’s clues, she said she’s not always in tune with what’s happening in the world today, in terms of music. She also talked about possibly having a lot of awards.

Ultimately, the Poodle was voted off tonight and her identity was revealed. And the Poodle is … Margaret Cho.

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