‘The Masked Singer’ Episode 5 Spoilers: Singers Revealed in Live Recap

The Masked Singer Spoilers


Episode 5 of The Masked Singer is here and the show has become a huge hit. Judges Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger continue to try to guess the identities of celebrities in disguise. On the show, stars dress up in fun costumes and take on certain characters, as they perform songs for an audience, along with the judges. The viewers and audience members are provided with new clues about each singer each week, to help them try to figure out who the singers actually are … Some of the celebrities who have been unmasked so far include Antonio Brown, Margaret Cho and Tommy Chong.

TV producer Craig Plestis recently talked to The New York Post about the show and why it’s become such a hit. Plestis said, “The beauty of ‘The Masked Singer’ is that it’s a family-friendly show. Everyone in the house can watch it together and play a guessing game. People are really engaged. You can talk about the show with someone in your living room — or online with a huge community of people guessing as well.”

Now that you have the rundown on the show and what kind of celebrities you could be unmasking this season on The Masked Singer 2019, let’s get into the live recap of tonight’s episode. We will be updating this post live as the episode airs.

At the top of the show this week, all four of tonight’s performers delivered a group performance, which is the first time this has been done on the show. The Rabbit, Alien, Unicorn and Lion all took the stage.

First up on their own was the Rabbit, who said that he’s been trying to throw everyone off with his song styles. He also said that he’s going to bust out all the “old school moves”. For tonight’s song choice, the Rabbit performed “Poison”. Based on past clues, could it be Chris Kirkpatrick from N’SYNC? After the performance, judge Nicole Scherzinger said that he’s probably her favorite performer on the show. The other judges gushed over him as well.

For his big clue tonight, the Rabbit brought out a magician kit, saying that it’s another way he likes to impress an audience. Jenny McCarthy said she thinks the magic kit is a hobby, but that he’s too talented musically to be a magician. One of the judges guessed that the performer could be McCarthy’s husband Donnie Wahlberg.

Next up was the Unicorn, but first, some clues. She said in her video package that performing in front of people has always been her biggest fear and it’s made her feel like she’s in heaven. She has dealt with low self-esteem over the years and was shown sitting at a piano. She also said she’s from “the hills” and is “crafty”.

After her performance, the Unicorn revealed a physical clue, which was a typewriter. The Unicorn said that the typewriter has produced “a lot of magic”. Jenny McCarthy guessed that the performer was Lauren Conrad, while Ken Jeong went with Tori Spelling. Denise Richards was also thrown out as a guess, but the top guesses with viewers over the weeks has been Tori Spelling.

The next singer was the Alien and in her video, she said she spent her entire life under a microscope. She said that growing up, she always craved the “simple life”. This made the judges wonder if the Alien is Paris Hilton, who starred on a reality show by that name. For her performance, the Alien performed “Happy” by Pharrell.

Jenny McCarthy said she’s thrown off but was thinking she was Nicole Richie. Then, the Alien revealed her physical clue, which was a police badge and it says “Muncie” on it. The Alien said she’s sworn to protective and serve, that the badge is for real.

The judges continued to try to guess the identity of the Alien and were leaning towards the Jacksons, La Toya Jackson in particular. Well, we’re thinking they are correct since La Toya Jackson appeared on a celebrity police series in 2007. The Series was called Armed & Famous and was held in Muncie, Indiana, which was printed on the Alien’s badge.

Lastly, the Lion was up to perform and she said she’s here to prove that performing is her destiny. She said her favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz in her video package. She also said that it’s time for her to let out her roar. For her performance tonight, the Lion sang Sia’s rendition of “California Dreamin'”. Her vocals stunned and pleased the judges with this performance and Nicole Scherzinger said she feels like she “knows that voice”.

Scherzinger said that she is shocked by the Lion’s talent. Robin Thicke guessed that the Lion is Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child.

The Lion’s physical clue for the judges tonight was a scrunchie. Her explanation for the scrunchie was that it’s a “family heirloom”.

So, out of the four performers tonight, which of them received the least amount of votes? And, tonight’s unmasked singer was … the Unicorn. So, who was the celebrity behind the mask?

For the judges’ final guesses, Robin Thicke went with Gabby Douglas, Jenny McCarthy went with Lauren Conrad, Nicole Scherzinger guessed Denise Richards, and Ken Jeong picked Tori Spelling. And … Jeong was correct. The singer was Tori Spelling.

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