‘The Masked Singer’ Performers Tonight: What to Expect

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FOX’s smash competition series The Masked Singer airs its latest episode tonight at 9 p.m. ET. Tonight’s episode will introduce a new format, however, as the remaining costumed celebrities will perform as an individual and as part of a group. Read on to learn more about this format and what it means for the performers.

The Masked Singer started out with 12 costumed performers. So far, four have been revealed: Comedian Margaret Cho as the Poodle, NFL Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw as the Deer, Comedian Tommy Chong as the Pineapple and NFL Player Antonio Brown as the Hippo. Viewers will see four costumed performers tonight: the Unicorn, the Lion, the Alien, and the Rabbit.

Tonight’s Masked Singers Will Perform As a Group for the First Time

Not only will these four performers take the stage together for a group performance, but tonight’s episode will also feature them competing as two separate teams. Two celebrities from the first group, the Lion and the Unicorn,will take on the celebrities from the second group, the Alien and the Rabbit.

Tonight’s episode, titled “Mix and Masks”, will also reveal additional clues about the four performers. A police badge was teased in relation to the Alien earlier this week, but as the preview shows, there may be more to the badge than meets the eye. “The person I thought definitely ain’t the police,” says host Nick Cannon.

Joel McHale Returns as Guest Host for the 3rd Consecutive Episode

Joel McHale will return as a guest panelist for the third consecutive episode, and will attempt to guess the identity of tonight’s performers alongside the main panel of Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy and fellow Community alum Ken Jeong.

The costumes continue to be a source of interest for viewers, and designer Marina Toybina spoke with the Huffington Post about putting them together. When asked about the inspiration for the costumes, Toybina cited rave and steampunk culture as huge influences.

There Will Be New Clues for Each Performer Including the Unicorn & the Alien

“We wanted each costume to combine elements of light and dark, harsh and gentle,” she said. “With the Deer, there are a lot of steampunk elements; everything was distressed. That was a way to age the costume and create this ancestral world, everything being distressed. The way we constructed the costumes was like what I would do for a musician on tour. We combined parts of different genres of glitzy concerts.”

Toybina also spoke on the possibility that each performer’s costume is a clue to their real identity. “It went both ways,” she teased. “There were a few contestants who signed on early who wanted to choose their own animals. And there were some who came on later who we guided, thinking they would be perfect for a certain costume. Nothing was ever proposed out of the realm of who they wanted to be or how they wanted to perform. Looking back on it, anybody on the show being something else wouldn’t have worked.”


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