‘The Orville’ Season 2 Episode 3 Cast: Who Are the Special Guests?


Fox’s hit show The Orville is known for having special guests in almost every episode. Here’s a look at the special guests and cast who are expected to join tonight’s episode, called “Home.” In this episode, Ed, Gordon, and Alara visit Alara’s home planet. If any of these guests do not appear, this story will be updated to reflect the changes. (UPDATE: A surprise appearance was made by John Billingsley, who played Phlox in Enterprise. He wasn’t expected until a later episode. And we also figured out who the interim security chief is.)

Robert Picardo is starring as Alara’s dad, Ildis Kitan, tonight. On March 13, Seth MacFarlane broke the news that Picardo was on set, which started speculation that an episode would. be focused on Alara’s home world, Xelaya.

Picardo first played Alara’s dad in Episode 10 of Season 1, called Firestorm.

Candice King is on The Orville tonight too, starring as Alara’s sister. She’s very well known, having starred as Caroline Forbes on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, likely what she is most well-known for. Her other credits include Dating Rules from My Future Self (Chloe), Drop Dead Diva, Supernatural, and more.

Kerry O’Malley is listed on IMDB as playing the role of Floratta in tonight’s episode. O’Malley was raised in New Hampshire and is one of four children. She starred in Terminator Genisys with Emilia Clarke and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Her many other credits (which might explain why she looks familiar) include Strange Angel (Mrs. Byrne), Survivor’s Remorse (Savannah), The Last Tycoon (Kay), Those Who Kill (Mia), Shameless (Kate), Boardwalk Empire (Edwina), Brotherhood (Mary Kate), Costello (Trish), Sky Dancers (Jade), and more.

John Billingsley is playing the neighbor at Alara’s family’s beach house. He was Phlox on Enterprise. His many other credits include Stitchers (Mitchell Blair), Masters of Sex (Dr. Lloyd Madden), TURN (Samuel), Intelligence (Dr. Shenendoah Cassidy), True Blood (Mike Spencer), Twentysixmiles24 (Michael Latham), and more.

Patrick Warburton is the new interim security chief with the really long nose/snout/elephant trunk thing. And he was hilarious.

We know the interim chief’s identity thanks to Warburton’s own Instagram.

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#theorville #handsome

A post shared by Patrick Warburton (@paddywarbucks) on Dec 22, 2018 at 12:26pm PST

Warburton has too many credits to his name to list them all, but they include playing Lemony Snicket on A Series of Unfortunate Events, and also Family Guy (Joe Swanson, Joe’s mother, and others), The Venture Bros. (Brock), Puppy Dog Pals, Agents of SHIELD (Rick Stoner), TripTank, Crowded (Mike Moore), Sequestered (Gov. Bennett), Kim Possible, The X’s, Less than Perfect (Jeb), NewsRadio, Ellen, Designing Women, and much more.

Jessica Szohr is listed on IMDB as playing the role of Talla tonight, but I don’t recall seeing her in this episode. I think her inclusion on IMDB was an error and she’ll be appearing in a future episode. This is her first season on The Orville and she’s already listed as being in 12 episodes. TrekMovie reported that she might be a Xelayan, the same species as Alara. Tonight was going to be her first appearance on the show, but she didn’t appear. At 10, Szohr was in a national ad campaign for Quaker Oats and was also in print ads for Kohl’s. She’s also been featured ina ds for Crate & Barrel, Mountain Dew, Sears, Jockey, and JanSport.

Her many credits include Shameless (Nessa), Twin Peaks Season 3 (Renee), Kingdom (Laura), Complications (Gretchen), Gossip Girl (Vanessa Abrams), CSI Miami, What About Brian (Laura), and more.

David A. Goodman is also listed as a guest in this episode by Orville’s wikia. He’s an executive producer of the show, but it looks like he’s also stepping in front of the camera.

Sameer Khan is listed as a street produce vendor by the Orville wikia.

Annie Trevino is listed as an ND Officer by the Orville wikia (a role she also played in earlier episodes this season).

Humberto Montalvo is listed as playing Moclan by the Orville wikia. Moclan is the name of the Bortus’ species, and Humberto also appeared in Primal Urges, which was a Bortus-centered episode.

Iba Amar is listed as having an “uncredited” role as an officer in tonight’s episode, according to The Orville wikia. But he also played that role in Primal Urges, according to IMDB.

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