‘The Titan Games’ Episode 2 Live Results & Recap: Who Won?

The Titan Games episode 2

Vivian Zink/NBC Christina Luna, Melissa Alcantara compete in the Lunar Impact challenge.

The Titan Games, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s reality competition show for NBC, continues tonight with a new episode at 8/7c. This week, 8 new competitors (4 men and 4 women) will compete head-to-head; the final two men and women of the night will face off on Mount Olympus. At the end of the episode, one male and one female “Titan” will be named, and they will join the other victorious competitors at the end of the season for the finale “Battle of the Titans.”

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This post will be updating live throughout the episode competition.

The 8 contestants competing for the title of “Titan” tonight are Montez Blair, Steven Hoppe, Carla Miranda, Bridger Buckley, Nika Sedghi, Robbie Strauss, Christina Luna, and Melissa Alcantara. This second night of trials will feature 4 new challenges, including the “Lunar Impact,” which will challenge its competitors to a test of strength from a 30-foot height.

Christina Luna & Melissa Alcantara

The first two competitors of the night were Christina Luna & Melissa Alcantara, who are both mothers. Luna is a single mother of two who works as a dental hygienist, and Alcantara became a personal trainer after her own remarkable fitness journey.

These two women were challenged with the “Lunar Impact” trial, it was immediately clear how well-matched the two women were. Melissa pushed Christina almost to the edge before Christina overcame her and pushed her back to the edge of her side. As Melissa was feet away from a loss (and a thirty-foot fall), she regained her footing and strength and pushed Christina the full length of the crescent-moon-shaped platform to win her trial round and advance to Mount Olympus.

Johnson revealed on Twitter that when they were filming, “these inspiring women’s INCREDIBLE performance went on for almost 30 MINS. NON STOP. It became LEGENDARY in our TITAN UNIVERSE.”

Halfway through the episode, they cut to Alcantara being checked out by the on-site medical team and revealed that she was unable to put any weight on one of her legs, questioning her ability to continue in the competition. After the commercial break, she revealed that she was unable to compete due to a knee injury; Christina Luna stepped in in her place.

Robbie Strauss & Bridger Buckley

The first two male contestants of the night were stay at home dad Robbie Strauss (who used to be a professional wrestler and has a man crush on Dwayne Johnson) and 22-year-old college student Bridger Buckley. Their trial was the hammering ram, which we’ve seen before on the show. Buckley released his 350-pound ram in what the announcers said was record time, but Robbie released his ram before Buckley was able to bust the door open. When both men seemed to be struggling to keep momentum and gain enough force, Johnson went down to the floor to give encouragement. Battling back, Bridger Buckley busted his door open first, winning the challenge.

Carla Miranda & Nika Sedghi


Carla Miranda, the competition’s smallest competitor, faced off against Nika Sedghi in the “Tower Drop” challenge. This challenge, according to Johnson, is about timing, agility, and mental toughness, testing the brain as much as it tests the body. Sedghi maintained a lead over Miranda for most of the challenge until it was time for the last “golden pole.” Though it was close in the end, Nika Sedghi’s height and experience as an engineer brought her to victory.

Montez Blair & Steven Hoppe

Rounding out the first phase of the night’s competition, business developer Montez Blair took on father of four Steven Hoppe in the “Uprising” challenge. Breaking through the last two layers in his final run, Hoppe won the trial and moved on to Mount Olympus.

Mount Olympus – Male Titan

Bridger Buckley and Steven Hoppe raced through the trials of Mount Olympus. Steven took a slight lead during the speed and agility-testing ascension, but both men reached the top of Mount Olympus at the same exact time. Bridger Buckley took the lead on the descent and maintained it for the rest of the challenge, securing the male “Titan” win for the episode, and a spot in the finale.

Mount Olympus – Female Titan

To conclude “Trial 2,” Christina Luna stepped in in place of the injured Melissa Alcantara to compete against Nika Sedghi on Mount Olympus; Alcantara returned to cheer Luna on from the sidelines. Sedghi maintained a lead, raising her torch before Luna even reached the top. Nika Sedghi widened her lead for the rest of the final challenge, accomplishing an easy victory that earned her a spot among the final titans.

In the end, Bridger Buckley and Nika Sedghi were crowned “Titans,” advancing themselves to the next phase of competition “The Battle of Titans,” that will happen at the end of the season.

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