The Titan Games’ Lunar Impact Challenge: Melissa Alcantara & Christina Luna Compete

The Titan Games episode 2

Vivian Zink/NBC Christina Luna, Melissa Alcantara compete in the Lunar Impact challenge.

On tonight’s episode of The Titan Games, Dwayne Johnson’s new reality competition on NBC, the much-talked-about “Lunar Impact” challenge will be featured. The obstacle will ask contestants Christina Luna and Melissa Alcantara to test their strength on a crescent moon-shaped platform raised 30 feet off the ground. The loser of the challenge will be whoever is pushed off the platform by their opponent.

When promoting the show, which asks super-strong “everyday people” to face off against one another in challenges based on Dwayne Johnson’s workout routines and drunk ideas, Johnson told USA Today that the inspiration for this particular challenge was alcohol-induced: “I was probably on my third tequila and looking outside and seeing the moon and thought, ‘What if there was something like this?'”

The ‘Lunar Impact’ Challenge

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In a digital exclusive, The Titan Games’ YouTube account shared a video of the “Lunar Impact” challenge and an explanation of how it works. The announcers cut in with a voiceover describing what the event demands of its competitors, with the help of visual demonstration from “The Rock” himself: “Afraid of heights? Too bad. Lunar Impact’s action happens 30 feet in the air. First, we’re testing speed and agility as you race up a ladder that’s 3 stories tall. Then, you use your lower body power to drive the sliding wall and push your opponent off the narrow crescent-shaped bridge. Last one standing is headed to Mount Olympus.”

Ahead of tonight’s episode, Johnson “leaked” footage of Alcantara and Luna facing off in the challenge, revealing “Here’s the thing I need you to know – these inspiring women’s INCREDIBLE performance went on for almost 30 MINS. NON STOP. It became LEGENDARY in our TITAN UNIVERSE.” The clip shows just how well-matched the competitors really were, and it’s no surprise that it took such a long time for the winner to be determined. At the end of the clip, when Luna seems to have secured her win and Alcantara is mere feet from the platform’s ledge, Alcantara finds her footing and strength and starts pushing Luna back to the other side of the bridge. As the crowd goes wild, the video cuts out — viewers will have to wait until tonight to know who emerged victorious, and who was sent off the edge of the crescent moon’s edge.

The Competitors

Melissa Alcantara, from Venice, California, remarked that the challenge was “worse than giving birth.” The 33-year-old underwent a dramatic weight loss journey after giving birth to her daughter; according to Men’s Health, she now works as a personal trainer, with over 680 thousand Instagram followers. Alcantara said that competing on the show “has changed my life not for any other reason than pushing through a mental capacity I didn’t know existed.” Of her difficult upbringing and how it led her to the life she has today, she told her followers “I knew I would make something of myself because from a young age fear was ingained in me, and I knew failure was just something that happened in the process of success.”

Christina Luna is also a mom, living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She has two daughters, and went to school to earn her dental hygienist degree while serving in the International Guard so that she could provide the best life for them possible. The single mom now works as a dental hygienist, and recently bought a house for her and her two girls. When she asked her daughters what they think she needs to do to win The Titan Games, they told her “don’t give up” and “be brave.”

Watch new episodes of The Titan Games on NBC on Thursday nights at 8pm ET.

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