Is Tinashe Dating Anyone Today? Is She Single?

Tinashe boyfriend

Getty Tinashe at the press junket for "RENT" at Fox Studio Lot.

Rent: Live airs tonight on Fox, and recording artist Tinashe will be playing the role of Mimi Marquez. In the musical, Mimi is an HIV positive exotic dancer and junkie, and much of her story revolves around her relationship with Roger (who is also HIV positive, but sober), played by Nashville star Brennan Hunt.

Though Tinashe has been in public relationships in the past, she appears to currently be single on social media and when she is spotted out. Of the role she is portraying in Rent: Live, Tinashe told Out Magazine “I think one thing about Mimi that I really admire is that she’s able to wear her heart on her sleeve and be really vulnerable. That’s something that I am not good at. That I’m personally working on.” Perhaps those are qualities she will take with her whenever she chooses to pursue her next relationship.

According to Us Weekly, Tinashe dated NBA star Ben Simmons from March until May 2018; shortly after, Simmons started dating supermodel Kendall Jenner. Following their breakup, there was drama surrounding the ex-couple and Simmons’ new relationship. E! News reported that after a story spread that Simmons hired security to keep Tinashe away from him, she responded to the rumor in an Instagram story, explaining “I usually never comment on things that are completely untrue and ridiculous, but this narrative has to end… I’m not a character in some dumb storyline this is MY REAL LIFE. The fact is, I was in love and I got hurt. I know I’m not the first nor will I be the last person to be in this situation. The details of what has happened since are complicated to say the least, but I’ve never lied. And of course I’m not a stalker lol.” Tinashe recently attended Drake’s New Year’s Eve party, and Simmons and Jenner were also in attendance.

When asked by Out Magazine if she spends time with Hunt outside of rehearsal, Tinashe said “Yeah, a little bit. Obviously, it’s like, “Nice to meet you! Now make out!” And it’s like — *record scratch* —” Elaborating on how they developed a relationship that made those on-camera moments more comfortable, she said “On our lunch breaks, we would go together and get to know each other like, ‘What are you into? What kind of music do you like?’ We bonded over our love of Michael Jackson and things like that. And that’s how you naturally build that chemistry and that trust. But it’s hard to not build that chemistry because we’re all together all the time.”

When Tinashe was competing on season 27 of Dancing With the Stars, she had great chemistry with her professional dance partner Brandon Armstrong, but there was no indication that that led to any off-stage relationship. Tinashe even referred to him on Instagram as a “great friend.” If they did have any romantic interest in one another, it was overshadowed by the heavily featured budding romance between celebrity Alexis Ren and her partner Alan Bersten.

Tune in to Fox to watch Tinashe play Mimi Marquez in Rent: Live, January 27 at 8pm ET.

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