Uniform +1 on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Fashion Styling Service

Uniform on Shark Tank, what is uniform on shark tank


Uniform +1 will be presented to the sharks tonight, and there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to this styling service.

The company is a little different than others that make their way to the Shark Tank stage, so let’s get into exactly what Uniform +1 is.

With each purchase, Uniform produces and donates a school uniform to a child who would otherwise not attend school.

As the company’s website points out, children in Libera and throughout Africa are required to wear school uniforms to attend free public schools. However, many parents can’t afford uniforms. This results in some kids staying at home, not able to attend school. Researchers at MIT deduced that donating school uniforms to children in Kenya increased both attendance by up to 62%, and their test scores by 0.25 standard deviations.

Uniform works like this: purchase a product and the company will donate a school uniform to a child. It is a fashion styling service that provides customers with a hand-selected package each month. The clothing comes from Ferg’s Traplord collection and other “authentically street” brands.

In 2017, ASAP Ferg visited Liberia and met children who had received clothing from his company. He told Vogue in a 2017 profile, “These uniforms are really how you decipher the kids in Africa… You see a lot of them in the streets because they can’t afford a uniform and therefore can’t go to school.” He continued, saying that “providing them with free uniforms not only enables these kids to get an education, but I think it makes them happy and empowered—I’m a strong believer in dressing the way you want to be.”

Ferg’s mother came with him on the trip. Speaking to Vogue, he said, “I was surprised to see how they really embraced them and appreciated the fact that my family supported me—they said, ‘He’s a star because of his family.’”

Today, Uniform consists of 10 pieces, including a logo tee, hoodie, military shirt, camp jacket, and bucket hat. The pieces are designed for both men and women.

Like many Shark Tank products, Uniform started on Kickstarter. 1,360 backers pledged $230,059 to make the product a reality. The Kickstarter website reads, “UNIFORM is a clothing line on a mission. Our timeless classics are crafted to ensure you can look your best, do your best and be your best. All products are ethically made by working mothers in Africa’s first fair-trade factory. And each purchase provides a school uniform to a child who could otherwise not attend school. The world’s softest tee is just the beginning.”

The product has already been published on platforms like Forbes, The Daily Beast, WWD, the Financial Times, Good Morning America, and Bustle, among others.

Be sure to tune in to tonight’s episode of Shark Tank to see if the sharks will be a fan of Uniform +1.

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