It Was Not Vanessa Simmon’s Baby’s Father Who Died

Getty Vanessa Simmons

As Growing Up Hip Hop returns for its fourth season, fans have begun to look into the personal life of cast member Vanessa Simmons and whether the father of her child was killed. This is not the case. It was actually Vanessa’s sister Angela who was forced to deal with the death of her baby father Sutton Tennyson last November.

Vanessa’s boyfriend Mike Wayans is alive and well, and two are raising their daughter Ava Marie together. That said, the death of Tennyson has affected Vanessa indirectly, however, as she’s spoken at length about supporting her sister. “Death is never an easy thing, especially when there’s a child involved,” she told Essence, “so I think it’s just important to band together as a family and support her as much as we can.”

Vanessa Simmons’ Baby Father Mike Wayans Is Alive & Together They Are Raising Their Daughter Ava Marie

Vanessa posted a photo of Tennyson with her sister and their son Sutton Joseph on Instagram. “Literally at [a] loss for words,” she wrote. “My heart breaks for my sister and nephew .. RIP Sutton.” The reality TV star also came to Angela’s defense when the latter posted an Instagram photo of the Simmons family looking happy after Tennyson’s death. Angela was criticized by her followers for not properly mourning her ex, and some even accused her of being uncaring about the way her son felt.

“Didn’t your child’s father just passed [sic] away?” one user commented below the picture. “Why do y’all look so happy? A young boy just lost his father.” Vanessa promptly responded to the user, writing: “You guys make it so hard for me to share anything!” she responded. “So much judgement and yet you have NO clue what your talking about.” Check out screenshots of the Instagram exchange below.

Vanessa Paid Tribute to Sutton Tennyson On Instagram & Defended Her Sister Angela After She Was Criticized for Moving On from His Death

Vanessa has also been supportive of her sister Angela and her potential romance with cast member Romeo Miller. When Miller was told that fans need an answer as to why things between them haven’t worked out, Vanessa said: “A lot of people do.”

She elaborated further on what she considers to be her “front row seat” to Miller and Angela’s relationship. “It’s been a long time,” she revealed. “This was before cameras caught up with us, this has been going on for like seven years… I always root for them.”

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