‘Worst Cooks in America’ Season 15, Episode 2: What Happened and Who Was Eliminated?

Worst Cooks in America Season 15

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Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America is greased up and ready to go for a second helping of terrible meals and even worse cooks. Last week, Chefs Anne Burrell and Tyler Florence said goodbye to Chaz Oakley, the game hunter from Alaska. So who was chopped from the competition tonight? Jersey girl Caitlin and surfer dude Cody.

Kitchen boot camp started with an eggs-ellent food trivia competition that was filled with corny eggs puns and plenty of broken yolks. The contestants who answered the questions wrong had to smash a random egg on their head chosen by roulette wheel; half of the eggs were hard-boiled and half were completely raw. Eggs were destroyed, trivia was skewered, and Brittany, the 23-year-old model from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., continued being a gift that keeps on giving, golden one-liner after golden one-liner. The Red Team proved to have the smarts, taking the cake—eggs and all—in the season’s first trivia contest.

The dish for the week is pancakes, and each team worked on a different and fancy variation of the breakfast fave. Since this is Worst Cooks, every recruit messed up left and right. Alten couldn’t separate egg whites from the yolk, Allison couldn’t measure sugar properly, and Antoinette couldn’t do anything but squeal and spin in circles, so her plate ended up with just fruit and a “ghost pancake” on it. Not—eggs-actly—what the Chefs had in mind!

Tyler started judging his team and Mickey and Travele knocked it out of the park. As for Team Anne, Carmelle and Terry get positive feedback from their leader, while Allison gets docked for her super sugary strawberries.

The next challenge is up and it’s a traditional English breakfast. It doesn’t take long for one recruit to write a love poem to his bacon (I’m with ya, Travele!), while the Chefs whip up a fancy feast and give the group a tutorial. The group has 45 minutes to prep their meal, and Kat almost immediately put paper towels in the oven to roast. Hopefully, this show has lots of fire extinguishers on set when they film…

Sponjetta adds to Travele’s love poem with a love song, also to bacon, and you know what? I’m not mad at it. But while Sponjetta and Travele are praising their bacon, Jersey girl Caitlin is burning hers to hell. She shook off the tears with a few twirls (she literally twirled around a bunch and I guess that made it OK?) and got back to work.

Alten forgot to chop his veggies in half (THE HORROR!), while pharmacist Terry couldn’t stop talking about his magical mushrooms. He successfully fit 37 drug references into a minute-long fungal sequence. This guy just keeps getting more awkward as the episodes fly by and I love him for it.

Antoinette tells us she has this one in the bag almost immediately before over buttering her plate. (Seriously, did she use an entire stick of butter for just three eggs? Has she never cooked eggs before? I have concerns.) Travele’s yolk breaks, while Caitlin is…actually, I don’t even know what Caitlyn is doing with her eggs. Congratulations to the Food Network producers who were able to find cooks who can’t even cook an egg. (I guess the show’s title isn’t just a clever name, huh?)

Terry admitted to getting just a tiny, wee little bit of joy from cooking, and once again kills it with his best impression of a Fred Armisen impression. Cody landed in hot water because the surfer bro forgot to add sausage to his plate (bummer, dude!). Travele cracked a yolk while cooking and re-started his meal with seconds on the clock—he took a risk and it paid off.

It’s elimination time and two of the recruits were thrown out with the trash. Terry won for Anne’s side, while Cameron claimed the victory for Tyler’s. Caitlin and Kat were the bottom two for Anne’s team and Caitlin got the cut. Alten and Cody were the bottoms for Tyler and the second recruit kicked out of the kitchen was Cody.

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