Love & Hip Hop: Alexis Skyy’s Baby Daddy

Getty Rapper Fetty Wap

Alexis Skyy is currently raising her daughter Alaiya Grace by herself on the latest season of Love & Hip Hop. She’s made it clear that she doesn’t want child support or any legal demands of her baby daddy Fetty Wap, but she has said that she wants Wap to have a role in their child’s life. Learn more about Skyy and Wap’s relationship below.

Skyy and Wap dated for several years before officially calling it quits when the latter had a child with fellow Love & Hip Hop star Masika Kalysha. The couple had a messy split, and Skyy reportedly had her neck tattoo with Fetty’s name covered up. Things have appeared to cool down in recent months, with the two following each other on Instagram again, and Skyy’s desire to have Wap help raise Alaiya.

Alexis Skyy Wants Her Baby Daddy Fetty Wap to Be Involved In Her Daughter’s Life

There has also been some confusion as to whether Fetty Wap is Alaiya’s biological father. There were rumors that Solo Lucci might be the father, which Skyy addressed during a December episode of Love & Hip Hop. “[The reason] Fetty is hesitant to claim Alaiya is because people like Solo Lucci is running around trying to get clout off my name, claiming Alaiya, knowing damn well he’s not her father,” she said. She added that Wap was present in the hospital when she gave birth.

Last July, Skyy hopped on Instagram Live to set the record straight about Fetty Wap and her daughter. “First of all, Fetty can come take this DNA test,” she said while feeding Alaiya. “That’s what I’m waiting for, so that answers all y’all mother***Ing questions. If that’s what y’all want know, he can come take the test. That’s what I’ve been waiting for. I’ve been asking him to take the test for the past two months, period. Until then, I am her mother and her father.”

There Were Rumors That Fetty Wap Was Not Alaiya’s Biological Father

Skyy has also had to deal with her daughter’s health issues. According to VH1, Alaiya was born with hydrocephalus, which is a condition that causes excess fluids to build up in the brain. After being born three months premature, Alaiya had four brain surgeries to alleviate the build up of fluid. She also had a shunt implanted in her brain, which allows the fluid to drain into her stomach.

Wap, 27, has three children in addition to Alaiya Grace. His son Aydin Maxwell was born in 2011, and his daughters Zaviera Maxwell and Khari Barbie Maxwell were born in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

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