Who Is Angela Simmons Dating on GUHH?

Getty Angela Simmons

Angela Simmons has had a tumultuous season on Growing Up Hip Hop. From dealing with the aftermath of her ex-fiance’s murder to her on/off flirtation with fellow cast member Romeo Miller, Simmons’ romantic life has been complex. Is she currently dating anyone? Is she open to being in a relationship? Find out more below.

Simmons is currently single. That said, the synopsis for the most recent episode teases the possibility that she’s open to seeing people again. “Angela is set up on a hot date with someone other than Romeo”, the synopsis reads, which suggests that there may also be some drama in the near future given Miller’s feelings towards her. In the past, Miller has spoken about his relationship with Simmons, and the fact that he wants to take things slow with her after the tragedy that she’s been through. Recent episodes have pointed to some tension between the two of them, however.

Simmons Is Currently Single But Has Decided to Start Dating Again on GUHH

On the February 7 episode, Miller attended a gathering and his presence immediately put Simmons in a bad mood. “I haven’t seen Tee Tee since New Orleans,” Miller said, referring to a fellow cast member. “Angela’s supposedly mad at me. I feel like I’m entering a war zone.” Simmons later voiced her frustration to the cameras.“Honestly, I’m going to ignore him for a second. It’s about Vanessa today,” she said.

In the week prior, Miller admitted that he had feuded with fellow rapper Bow Wow because the latter had been romantically involved with Simmons. “Angela dating Bow Wow and me and Bow Wow having this beef… I think that was always an obstacle that was in front of me and Ang. It never got to that place because of Bow, if I’m being honest,” Miller revealed.

Simmons & Romeo Miller Have Had a Complicated Relationship on the Series

That very same episode, Simmons and Miller agreed to go on a double date, but the whole thing backfired when Miller found out that Simmons had set him up with someone other than herself. “Do you think that the person you’re supposed to end up with would ask you to find them a blind date?”, Miller reasoned.

Simmons has spoken openly about her single life on Instagram. She posted a video of herself on Valentine’s Day, where she spoke about the importance of self-love. “I know it’s Valentine’s Day and I know a lot of people feel it’s important to have a significant other, but more than anything it’s really important that you are giving yourself self-love,” she told viewers. “If you have a man kudos, have a good time but don’t feel pressured to feel like you have to have somebody. Do you. Love on yourself and be your best self.”

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