Has the Bee Been Revealed on ‘The Masked Singer’ Yet?

The Umasked Singer Bee, Who is the Bee on The Unmasked Singer


The Masked Singer has quickly become one of Fox’s highest-rated shows, and those numbers continue to shine each week.

The show follows a group of celebrities who perform a song for a live audience each week. Their identities are concealed under an ornate mask, and at the end of each performance, the judges (Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Robin Thicke) guess who the celeb is. At the end of each episode, one masked celebrity is unmasked.

Tonight, the bee, monster, peacock, and raven will be singing. And no, the bee has not yet been unmasked.

Who has taken off their masks? So far, Antonio Brown, Tommy Chong, Margret Cho, and Terry Bradshaw have been unmasked.

Despite the fact that the bee’s identity is technically still concealed, the Internet has pretty unanimously decided the bee is none other than Grammy-winning singer Gladys Knight.

What led us to this conclusion?

First off, the bee’s voice (and specifically, her vibrato) sounds identical to that of The Midnight Train to Georgia singer.

The bee has said time and time again that she has had a “long career” and wants to prove herself to a “younger generation.” She adds that she first started singing in the ’50s.

As Pop Sugar points out, it was Knight’s performance at the Super Bowl this year that really convinced fans she was the bee. They write, “What truly sealed the deal was Knight’s soulful performance of the national anthem at the Super Bowl this year, which convinced many fans of The Masked Singer — even those who previously thought the Bee might be Tina Turner — that Knight is indeed behind the wacky black and yellow costume.”

Furthermore, the bee’s music video has a “distinct Motown vibe”.

In the beginning,  the judges didn’t seem to have hit the nail on the head. Robin Thicke said he believes it’s Diana Ross, while Jenny McCarthy has suggested it could be Lil Kim or Mary J. Blige. Last week, however, both Jenny and Robin said they think the identity of the singer is Gladys Knight. Ken, meanwhile, holds that it’s Diana Ross.

And what about the other singers taking the stage tonight? The top guess for the monster is T-Pain (especially because of his reference to getting out of the spotlight after releasing an overly autotuned record). The raven, we believe, is Ricki Lake, and the top guess for the peacock is Donny Osmond.

Who will be unmasked tonight? Tune in to The Masked Singer on Fox at 9pm ET/PT.

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