Are Madisson & Ben Still Together on Siesta Key?

Ben Madisson Siesta Key Still dating


Madisson and Ben have experienced plenty of drama on Siesta Key so far, and people are wondering if they’re still together.

As is the case with many romantic reality television shows, relationships flip and flop constantly on Siesta Key, and Madisson and Ben are no exception.

In tonight’s episode, Madisson reunites with her ex, Brandon, to film a music video with him, and the entire ordeal makes Ben terribly uncomfortable. In a preview for the episode, Ben says, “I just think it’s weird. And I don’t really trust his intentions with it all…” Tawni then tells him, “Maybe it’s just me, but if someone moved to town to be with me, I think I would respect their feelings a little bit more and what they wanted,” she says. “I just know if you were my man, I wouldn’t be doing something like that.” Ben then gets flirty back, asking her what she would do, and Tawni says, “I don’t know, a couple things come to mind.”

Is it possible that Ben and Tawni will get together? This preview certainly seems to be hinting at that.

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What do we know about Ben, to begin with? He made his entrance at the end of Season 1 of Siesta Key, saying that he and Madisson were not over with. The two went to college together at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, where they dated for some time.

But wait, what about Brandon? If you’ve kept up with the show, you’re well aware that that’s over with. Brandon and Madisson were dating last season, but then he started flirting with other ladies. And when he finally admitted to Madisson that he cheated on her, she ended things… only for Ben to show up and try and win her back.

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Happiest when she’s fed

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Multiple outlets report that Season 2 of Siesta Key has wrapped shooting, but it still seems that Ben and Madisson are spending plenty of time together. And from the looks of it, it’s very possible that they’re still dating. In fact, Ben posted an Instagram of Madisson just yesterday, with the caption, “Happiest when she’s fed.” A number of people commented on the photo, some writing, “Cutest couple” and “You guys are too cute.” His second most recent picture also features Maddison.

Unlike the other stars on the show, Ben didn’t grow up in Siesta Key. And unlike many other men, who flaunt their flirtations constantly, Ben came to Siesta Key with the intention of winning over Madisson.

Madisson has also been posting a number of pictures with Ben on her Instagram. Check out the most recent pic here.

If social media tells us anything, the two are together and growing strong. But will Tawni throw a wrench into Ben’s plan to win Madisson back for good? Only time will tell.

Tune into Siesta Key tonight on MTV at 9pm ET/PT to find out.

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