‘Big Brother’ Cast Members on MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ Season 33

The Challenge: War of the Worlds


MTV’s The Challenge is back with a brand new season called War of the Worlds and from the trailer alone, it looks absolutely insane. The new theme will mix in cast members from reality shows from all over the world, including Turkey, the UK, and Canada. With tons of Mad Max-style explosions, this season is sure to be fiery in more ways than one.

One show whose cast keeps popping up more and more on The Challenge is Big Brother, and this season there are seven total cast members from the CBS show, four of whom are making their Challenge debuts. Don’t know these former houseguests? Here’s a rundown.

Morgan Willett – Big Brother: Over the Top, Ex on the Beach Season 2

Willett’s first brush with reality TV fame came when she was cast on Big Brother‘s first ever digital edition called Big Brother: Over the Top. The series played out entirely on CBS’s All Access paid streaming app. Morgan’s sister, Alex, was also in the house and the two were able to keep their sister-secret all the way to the end, even hiding it from their four-girl alliance called The Ball Smashers. Willett won the show via America’s Vote beating out returning player Jason Roy and winning a check for $250,000. War of the Worlds may be her Challenge debut, but she’s already appeared on MTV on the second season of Ex on the Beach.

Natalie Negroti – Big Brother 18

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Natalie is no stranger to The Challenge—she’s already appeared on Vendettas and made it to the final on Final Reckoning. On Big Brother 18 she was known for her showmance with goofball James, buuut that didn’t turn out so well for the two of them. On #BB18, Natalie made rinky-dink alliances with others who didn’t fully understand the game. Team Unicorn and later the Spy Girls all tried to compete with the best but ultimately failed. Nat did place in 6th overall outlasting many of her former alliance members but her naivety and aloofness wound up being her downfall.

Paulie Calafiore – Big Brother 18

Paulie is the brother of Cody, the runner-up from Big Brother 16. While this won’t be his first Challenge (he competed with Natalie on Final Reckoning), he’s going to have his work cut out for him as he battles the ex-hook-up of his on-again, off-again girlfriend Cara Maria. (Honestly, that whole mess is a saga I can’t even follow.) On Big Brother 18, Paulie was in a showmance with Zakiyah, who he constantly did dirty until her ultimate eviction on Day 58. He followed her out the door on Day 65.

Da’Vonne Rogers – Big Brother 17 and 18

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Da’Vonne (aka SlayVonne, aka Mama Da’) also appeared on Final Reckoning and Big Brother 18 with Natalie and Paulie. She’s known for her brutal verbal takedowns and insanely quotable interviews. (She’s also a GIF queen. Google that.) Rogers also appeared on Big Brother 17 the year before and according to the cast list of War of the Worlds, she has a couple from her past who’s coming back to haunt her. Loose lips do indeed sink ships, which turned out to be Da’Vonne’s downfall in both seasons; she was second out the door in #BB17 and was the first member of the jury in #BB18.

Liz and Julia Nolan – Big Brother 17

When these twin sisters appeared on Big Brother, they were the season’s big twist. Liz entered the house on Day 1 and periodically, the twins would switch places, with Julia entering and pretending she was Liz. On Day 43, Julia officially entered the house and shocked the entire cast, especially Austin who was in a budding showmance with the other twin, Liz. When Julia, Liz, and Austin were perceived as a powerful trio, Julia was evicted placing her in sixth. Liz made the final two and was the season’s runner-up.

Josh Martinez – Big Brother 19

Oh, Josh. Just how many pots and pans will be in The Challenge house exactly? When Josh appeared on Big Brother 19, he was young, loud, abrasive, but also extremely entertaining. He didn’t shy away from controversy or arguments, which makes him an ideal Challenge cast member. Josh frequently cracks under pressure and gets super emotional. If there’s any chance of dousing a fire with kerosene, Josh is the guy to do it. Amanda is going to love him! (Just kidding. She’s going to loathe him.) But hey—all his pot-stirring earned him $500,000 when he won #BB19.

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