Teen Mom 2: Briana De Jesus’ Baby Daddy Luis

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Briana DeJesus has had a difficult relationship with her baby daddy and former boyfriend Luis Hernandez. The Teen Mom 2 star recently filed for child support for their daughter Stella, which has led to additional tension between her and Luis. Learn more about their relationship below.

Initially, DeJesus wanted to make things work with Luis. “We’ve been just trying to figure it out for the sake of this baby,” she told MTV producers in 2017. “Yeah, we want to move in together. Hopefully, I would like to get married, all this grown-up stuff. Cause I’m an adult, not 16 and pregnant.” The following year, however, she had moved on from wanting a romance to simply wanting Luis in her daughter’s life.

Briana DeJesus Has Criticized Luis for Not Playing a Bigger Role In Their Daughter’s Life

In 2018, Fansided reports that Stella contracted an infection that got into her bloodstream and resulted in her being hospitalized for a week. She eventually recovered, and DeJesus posted a photo of Stella after they had returned home. She also revealed that Luis had not contacted her at any point during Stella’s hospital stay.

On January 21, 2019, DeJesus went on a Twitter rant, criticizing Luis for not playing a bigger role in Stella’s upbringing. “This is exactly what I didn’t want for Stella,” she wrote. “I wanted Stella to have an active father figure in her life and I knew I was going to get the complete opposite. And then I’ll be the sh**ty parent if I decide to cut all ties. SMH.”

DeJesus Is Currently Raising Her 2 Children With Boyfriend John Rodriguez

“Stella is a joy and I love her tremendously,” she added when a fan asked if she had any regrets. “Do I regret not going forward with adoption? No! But it does piss me off that he shut down adoption and said he would be there.”

DeJesus is currently dating John Rodriguez. “John is very sincere and genuine and he’s so kind and sweet and thoughtful,” she told In Touch. “He recently got an artist to put together a painting of Stella and I, and his note attached to it literally melted my heart. He’s so hands-on with Nova and Stella. And they both like John as well. Things are progressively doing great. I still do see us together long-term.”

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