Will Cardi B Guest Feature on Offset’s Album?

Offset & Cardi B at the 2018 American Music Awards (Oct. 9, 2018) offset's mistress claims she didn't know that his marriage with cardi b was serious

Getty Images Offset & Cardi B at the 2018 American Music Awards (Oct. 9, 2018)

After several delays and speculation as to whether it would ever be released, Migos rapper Offset is putting out his debut solo album on Friday. While it has yet to receive a proper title or tracklist, the biggest question facing Offset’s album is whether or not it will include a feature from Offset’s wife Cardi B.

While tensions between the two rappers had been high, particularly after they announced their separation, things appear to have cooled off. They attended the 2019 Grammy Awards together, and have stated that they plan on “working things out” for the sake of their daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus. This sudden reconciliation has led many to suggest that Cardi may be touted to deliver a guest verse on Offset’s mysterious album.

Cardi Is Rumored to Appear on the Album After Being Integral to Its Rollout & Promotion

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F L O O R S E A T W I T H M R. & M R S. W A T E R

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Based on their past collaborations, the odds of seeing another Offset and Cardi B track are astronomically high. The couple previously worked together on the singles “Lick”, Drip” and “MotorSport.” Offset also appeared on from Cardi’s debut album Invasion of Privacy. Furthermore, Cardi has given teasers and updates on Offset’s album via Twitter, leading many to believe that she’s been involved in the creative process throughout. “I’m loving hubby album,” she posted on November 6. “It’s a very deep album. Intro made me cry twice.” On January 25, Cardi added that the album is “too spicy.”

In a recent interview with Billboard, Offset said that he purposely approached his album differently than his work with Migos, and tried to make it more relatable for the listener. “I’m talking about relevant situations that have occurred over the last 18 or 24 months, like me being in the crash, my kids, my family time and me being married,” he revealed.

Cardi Has Tweeted Updates About Offset’s Album & Called It ‘Too Spicy’ for Fans

“There’s different parts of my life. The ups and downs of being in music, the feeling of people doubting me and being the underdog to becoming the big dog,” the rapper added. “I’m not really talking too much about Pateks and Lambos because it’s not relatable. That’s almost like bubblegum rap now, how the people are accepting it.”

Another bit of evidence to support the notion that Cardi will appear on the album is that she’s been integral in its promotion. During the Grammys, where Cardi won the Grammy for Best Rap Album, Offset’s record label Quality Control posted a trailer for his solo album that included footage of Cardi giving birth. Check out the original post above, which is also said to be promoting a documentary about the couple.

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