‘Celebrity Big Brother’ 2019 Cast Spoilers: Who Are the Contestants Remaining?

Celebrity Big Brother 2019 Winner

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With only two days left until finale night, Celebrity Big Brother has weaned its numbers from 12 houseguests to five after last Friday’s double eviction shook up the house and tested its alliances.

Former WWE wrestler and actress Natalie Eva Marie was evicted after comedian Tom Green shocked the house by winning his second HOH and placing her on the block against Ricky Williams. After the Veto played out, Natalie was sent packing in a 4-0 vote while sitting next to her alliance-mate Lolo Jones. When Lolo won the night’s live HOH and nominated Tom and Kandi Burruss for eviction, Tamar Braxton sealed the nominations with a Veto win, setting the stage for Tom’s eviction in a 3-0 vote.

So who survived the double eviction and remains to battle it out on finale night? Here are Celebrity Big Brother‘s final five houseguests.

1. Olympic Track and Bobsled Athlete Lolo Jones

Lolo Jones has played an emotional game, taking part in some of the house’s most explosive fights. She aligned with Natalie Eva Marie fairly quickly, but after being denied an alliance by Joey Lawrence, the women felt pushed away from the Ryan Lochte-Jonathan Bennett-Joey trifecta. She later aligned with Tom and Kato Kaelin, but paranoia and a case of HOH-itis (lookin’ at you, Tom!) caused a rift in that foursome, allowing Ricky to slide in and align with Lolo and Natalie. With her main gal now gone, Lolo has her work cut out for her and may only have Ricky left to rely on. Comp Wins So Far: 1 Veto and 1 HOH.

2. Singer and TV Personality Kandi Burruss

The first half of Kandi’s game was quiet as a mouse, perhaps purposely so to avoid drama with former tour-mate Tamar Braxton. Though the two got through some early bickering, they’ve rekindled their friendship and made amends which could very well help both of them out going forward. Kandi worked with Tom to oust Natalie Eva Marie and her advice saved her friend-again Tamar and finally split up the athletic power duo that was Nolo. Comp Wins So Far: Zero, but don’t for one second underestimate her slick social game.

3. Singer and TV Personality Tamar Braxton

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GIF queen Tamar is a reality TV treat and we are all #blessed to have her still inside the Big Brother house. While Tamar never shied away from an argument or drama, she’s played the middle in countless scenarios, buddying up with Tom and Kato when it made sense, but falling back to her “room alliance” with Natalie and Lolo to exchange information. While she’s far from a mastermind, she’s played a great social game and never made herself out to be anyone’s number one target. Comp Wins So Far: 1 Veto, 1 HOH, and the one and only Safety Competition.

4. Former NFL Running Back Ricky Williams

Ricky Williams has been the house’s resident pot-stirrer. He wedged himself in between the Tom/Kato-Natalie/Lolo alliance and helped break up that power foursome, while simultaneously aligning himself with the women. When frustrations swirled between the house and Tom, Ricky used social persuasion to douse rising tensions with kerosene, and he did so with relative ease. While many of his actions seemed sneaky and snake-y, no one can deny that Ricky has been playing the game to the fullest. Comp Wins So Far: 1 Veto.

5. Momager Dina Lohan

Dina Lohan is…also a person still in the house. She is wallpaper Lindsay Lohan’s mom. Comp Wins So Far: Nada.

So who’s going to win this fight? Lolo and Ricky will only win if they sit next to each other; both houseguests have either participated in mega drama or been the thrower of some shady shade. I don’t see a world where either of them beat Tamar, Dina, or Kandi. In a regular season, Dina wouldn’t stand a chance thanks to her non-existent gameplay, but she does seem well-liked by her celebrity houseguests, so who knows? Crazier things have happened.

My money is on Tamar and Kandi. I’d love to see them sitting in the final two next to each other. With Tamar’s strategy of playing both sides and Kandi’s super sly observant style, it’d be a toss-up as to who gets the crown and the $250k. (Also notable: There’s never been a black Big Brother winner on this show so this win could make BB history!)

Watch Celebrity Big Brother tonight at 9 p.m. and then check out the finale, Wednesday from 9-11 p.m.