‘Celebrity Big Brother’ 2019 Winner: Who Won Tonight?

Celebrity Big Brother 2019 Winner

Photo: Monty Brinton ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved Pictured: CBB Host Julie Chen

Tonight was the finale of season 2 for Celebrity Big Brother and only one star could be a winner. Let’s ge t into how the houseguests got narrowed down tonight and who won the grand prize. Read on for our CBB 2019 finale live recap.

So, with Dina Lohan and Kandi Burruss on the block, one of them was destined to be eliminated. And, it was Burruss. This meant that Lohan would be competing against the alliance that was left – Lolo Jones, Tamar Braxton and Ricky Williams. Lohan wasn’t doing well in the HOH competition, but Braxton tied with Williams. Ultimately, the person to win the tie-breaker was … Ricky Williams, who won the title of the final Head of Household. So, it was up to him to choose who would be moving on with him in the competition and who would be up for elimination.

Before deciding who Williams would take with him to the end, each of the other three houseguests pleaded their cases. All three of the women thanked Williams and said that they have valued their time with him on this journey.

Williams ended up evicting by Lolo Jones and Dina Lohan, making Tamar Braxton his second in command, going into the final competition. Jones was clearly not happy, while Lohan took the loss a little easier. Jones told host Julie Chen that she was frustrated with Williams’ decision. Jones said that because of Williams’ decision, she doesn’t know if she would want to be friends with him after the show.

Dina Lohan, on the other hand, said she was not upset at all by Williams’ decision to evict her. She was just happy to have made it as far as she did.

Making up the jury tonight were all the cast-offs from the season, including Lohan and Jones. Williams and Braxton had to face the jury members, who all had questions to be answered. Tom Green was first and he asked Williams what he thought was his biggest game move. Williams said that he made sure to not freak out or do anything hasty. Braxton said that her biggest game move was going for Green and Kato Kaelin, who she felt were her biggest threats. She said she also used her power “wisely”.

Natalie Eva Marie was next and she asked Williams what his biggest regret was … He talked about winning a specific competition to keep some of his alliance together. As for Braxton, she said she regretted getting too emotional on the show.

Ryan Lochte’s question for the final two was why the jury should choose one of them over the other. Braxton said she’s a huge fan of the show and said she played the game to the best of her ability. She also said she did what she had to do with the most integrity she could. As for Williams, he said he played the game hard and tried to give good advice to others on the show.

Williams and Braxton then pleaded their cases to the jury about why they should be chosen to win. And then it was time for the jury members to cast their votes. Jonathan Bennett said he voted for someone who had his back as much as they could. Ryan Lochte then voted and told the final two “good luck”. Joey Lawrence was next and he congratulated both Braxton and Williams. Kato Kaelin apologized to Braxton when casting his vote and said that he considers both of them to be his friend.

Natalie Eva Marie said she loves both of the final two and that it was tough to make her decision. Next was Tom Green who joked that it was a tough choice, but he voted for who made him laugh the most. Kandi Burruss was next to cast her vote and it was clear she was voting for Braxton, saying that this experience was life-changing for both of them. Dina Lohan then had to make her vote and she said that she loved both contestants. It seemed like Lolo Jones would vote for Braxton rather than Williams, since she still appeared very bitter about her eviction.

Bennett voted for Braxton, as did Lochte. Lawrence, too, voted for Braxton, as did Kaelin. This was four votes for Braxton so far. Natalie Eva Marie also voted for Braxton, which meant that she was the winner, regardless of the other votes.

First place tonight gets $250,000 and second place is $50,000.